AC80B Medium Voltage Frequency Drives
  • AC80B Medium Voltage Frequency Drives

AC80B Medium Voltage Frequency Drives

Specially designed on the platform of AC80, mature and stable.
Professional design with optimized stucture, wiring method and etc.
Strong anti-interference design and wide voltage range.
Built-in DC reactor and grid-friendly.

AC80B medium voltage VFD drive is developed on the basis of advanced platform of AC80 that it has stable and high working performance. Below are its main features:

1. Professional Design

a. It is developed for the second time on the mature platform of AC80.

b. Designed with optimized structure that its stability and service life has been greatly improved.

c. In order to optimize the inner structure of control cabinet, all the models above 93KW adopts upper-input and bottom-output wiring method.

d. All the models above 30KW are all built-in with DC reactor in order to reduce the input harmonic, improve input power factor and protect your grid. All the series have been reserved with DC reactor connection terminal.

2. Strong Environmental Adaptability

a. All the standard products are painted with three-proofing lacquer which is imported from Germany. For the occasions of excessive humidity or dust, we provide special protection or treatment measures for the sake of meeting long-term stable running requirements in harsh environment.

b. It adopts air duct isolation technique which ensures it can work in severe industrial application environment.

c. For special applications, we can provide it to customers with sealed design.

3. Powerful Communication Function

a. It adopts international standard ModBus communication protocol. Users can set control command, running frequency, related parameters, status and more actions via PC, PLC, and master frequency converter to achieve centralized control, for meeting application requirements perfectly.

b. AC80B series support bus expansion, through options, it can even support the Profibus protocol.

4. Strong Anti-Interference Design

a. It supports wide working voltage range. When the voltage is low, it can guarantee the load capacity through modulation technique.

b. It meets industrial standards in power surge, power grid noise and static reactive immunity.

c. The control power and bus power has been separated. Control power adopts separate power supply via isolation transformer, and standard-designed filter circuit.

5. Powerful and Complete Protection Functions


Below table displays the main technical specifications about AC80B VFD driver. If you need to learn more details such as the installations, fault diagnosis, function parameters and more, please navigate to the data download column to download its user manual to learn more.





Single phase220V 50/60Hz;
Three phase380V 50/60Hz; Three phase220V 50/60Hz;
Three phase660V 50/60Hz; Three phase1140V 50/60Hz

Allowable fluctuations

Voltage:320V~440V; voltage unbalance rate: 3%;
Frequency:±5% aberration rate: as IEC61800-2 required

Inrush current

Lower than rated current

Power factor

=0.94(with DC reactor)




Output voltage

Output under rated condition:3 phase, 0~input voltage, inaccurancy 5%

Output frequency range

                    G type:0-320Hz

Output frequency accuracy

Max frequency ±0.5%

Overload capacity

G type:150% rated current/1 min,180% rated current/10s, 200% rated current/0.5s


Motor control mode

VC without PG, VC with PG, V/F without PG, V/F with PG

Modulate mode

Optimized SVPWM mode

Carrier frequency

0.6~15.0kHz,randomized carrier-wave

Speed range

VC without PG: rated load 1:100
VC with PG: rated load 1:1000

Steady speed accuracy

VC without PG: =1% rated synchronized speed
VC with PG: =0.02% rated synchronized speed

Starting torque

Flux VC without PG: when 0.5Hz, 180% rated torque
Flux VC with PG: when 0Hz, 200% rated torque

Torque response

Flux VC without PG: =20ms
Flux VC with PG: =10ms

Torque control accuracy

Flux VC without PG: ±10%
Flux VC with PG: ±5%

Frequency accuracy

Digit setting:max frequency×±0.01%
Analog setting:max frequency×±0.2%

Frequency resolution

Digit setting:0.01Hz
Anolog setting:max frequency×0.05%


DC braking capacity

Starting frequency:0.00~50.00Hz
Braking time:0.0~60.0s
Braking current:0.0~150.0% rated current

Torque upgrade capacity

Auto torque upgrade 0.0%~100.0%
Manual torque ungrade 0.0%~30.0%

V/F curve

5 modes: one user set V/F curve mode, one linearity torque characteristic curve and three drop torque characteristic curve (1.3power, 1.7power, 2.0 powers).

Acceleration/Deceleration curve

2 modes: One linear Acceleration/Deceleration and two S curve Acceleration/Deceleration. Four sets of Acceleration/Deceleration time unit 0.01s selectable longest time: 650.00s.

Rated output voltage

Rely on power supply voltage compensate function, while motor rated voltage is 100%, set it at the range of 50-100%(output can not over input voltge).

Voltage auto-adjust

While power supply voltage fluctuates,it can auto-keep constant output voltage.

Energy-saving running

According to load situation, auto-optimize output voltage to save energy.

Auto-limit current

Auto-limit the current while running to prevent overcurrent break trouble.

Instant power off treatment

While instant power off, realize continual operation by bus voltage control.

Standard functions

PID control, speed track, power off restart, jump frequency, upper/lower frequency limit control, program operation, multi-steps speed, swing frequency running, RS485, analog output, frequency impulse output.

Frequency set channels

Keyboard digital set, keyboard, potentionmeter, analog voltage terminal VS1/VS2, analog current terminal AS, communication given and multi channels terminal selection, master-slave channels combination.

Feedback input channel

Voltage terminal VS1/VS2, current terminal AS, communication given, pulse input PUL.

Running command channel

Operation panel given, external terminal given, communication given.

Input command signal

Start, stop, FOR/REV, JOG, multi-step speed, free stop, reset, Acceleration/Deceleration time selection, frequency set channel selection, exterior fault alarm.

Exterior output signal

One relay output, two collector output, 0~10V output,4~20mA output,frequency pulse output.

Protection function

Overvoltage,    undervoltage, current limit, overcurrent, overload, electric thermalrelay, overheat, overvoltage stall, data protection.


LED display

Single file 4 digital tube display

Can monitor one state variable

Two file 4 digital tube display

Can monitor two state variables

Parameter copy

Can upload or download function code information of inverter to realize fast parameter copy.

State monitor

Output frequency, given frequency, output current, input voltage, output voltage, motor speed, PID feedback, PID given value, module temperature, input/output terminal condition.

Fault alarm

Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short circuit, open phase, overload, overheat, over-voltage speed lost, current limit, or data protection is destroyed; Fault running state; Fault history.


Install place

Indoor, altitude =1000m, no corrosive air or direct sunshine


-10 ~ +40?
20%—90%RH(no condensation)


Under 20Hz=0.5g

Store temperatue



Hanging type, cabinet type



Cooling mode

Forced cooling

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