Solar Water Pump Inverter



Adapt to Various Types of Solar Pumps

• PMSM pump: perfectly drive high-efficiency PMSM pump;

• AM pump: one-key operation at default setting;

• BLDC pump: 10A or below BLDC pump;

• Single-phase pump: easy to get electricity, home use.

One Key to Clean the Solar Pump

When the pump impeller is blocked due to sediment, the inverter has built-in water pump cleaning function, which can clean foreign matter and impurities in the water pump with one button.

Smart IOT Platform

• Remote control, real-time monitoring offline/online storage, data analysis, high accuracy positioning;

• WIFI communication, easy debugging;

• Functional mobile APPs, just do it everywhere;

Leading Control Algorithm

• The latest open loop vector algorithm, accurate self-learning motor parameters;

• Suitable for synchronous reluctance motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, BLDC, etc.

• High efficiency weak magnetic control, improve the work efficiency of water pump;

Various Specific Functions

• General protection: overcurrent, overvoltage, under-voltage, overload, short circuit;

• Pump protection: dormancy, dry run, low speed, minimum power;

• Water supply solution: water fulfill detection, output power control, PQ curve, pump cleaning, constant pressure control.

High-efficiency MPPT Function

• Mppt function can automatically adjust the output frequency according to the sunshine intensity, and always ensure the pump running at the maximum output point;

• Mppt efficiency is up to 99.8%.

Automatic Unattended Operation

• Automatic stop in the evening, restart in the morning;

• Autonomously adjust the operating frequency according to the light intensity;

• Monitor running status through IOT platform.

Exclusive solutions for water pump applications

• Dry run solution(sensor or sensor less);

• Dual sensor level control solution;

• Float switch solution;

• Constant pressure water supply solution.


SI30 Series Solar Pump Inverter

• Ingenious design -- small and exquisite inverter modules;

• Industry 4.0 -- GPRS, bluetooth and cloud platform to build the IOT module;

• Variety modules -- AC/DC integrated (Boost) module;

• IP65 Protection -- a perfect union of fashion sense and technology;

• IEC 61683/IEC 62109-1/IEC62109-2;

• Voltage: AC 110V, AC 220V, AC 400V;

• Power: 0.75kW - 11kW;

• EN 61800/EN 61000/EN IEC 61000;

SI23 Series Solar Pump Inverter

• Specially designed with advanced MPPT and CVT technology;

• Support remote monitoring online through GPRS remote monitor system;

• Work well with PMSM, AM and other pumps;

• Book design saves installation space;

• Accurate output power control;

• Various solar pump specific functions;

• Voltage: AC 110V, AC 220V, AC 400V;

• Power: 0.75kW - 710kW;

• EN 61800/EN 61000/EN IEC 61000;

SI22 Series Solar Pump Inverter

• High efficiency MPPT technology;

• Intelligent IOT system;

• Small body, great performance;

• Powerful specific functions for solar pump;

• Available to drive PMSM, BLDC, AM;

• One key operation;

• Voltage: AC 110V, AC 220V;

• Power: 0.75kW - 2.2kW;

• EN 61800/EN 61000/EN IEC 61000;

SI21 Series Solar Pump Inverter

• Advanced driving technology: available to drive Syn.R.M, PMSM, BLDC;

• Wide-range voltage input, MPPT efficiency up to 99.8%;

• Intelligent IOT system: including PC Website client, IOT device, mobile APPs;

• Various protections of solar pump: dormancy, dry run, low speed, pump over current, minimum power;

• Multiple pump control functions: Water tank fulfilled, output power control, constant pressure control, PQ curve, pump cleaning;

• Powerful PC monitoring system;

• Fashion appearance,flexible installation;

• Voltage: AC 110V, AC 220V, AC 400V;

• Power: 0.75kW - 5.5kW;


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Applications for VEICHI Solar Pump Inverters

Used in dozens of fields such as Farmland Irrigation, Landscape Fountain, Desert Management, Drinking Water, Pool Water Supply, Solar Aerator, etc.


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A: The solar water pump system operates on power generated using solar PV (photovoltaic) system. The photovoltaic array converts the solar energy into electricity, which is used for running the motor pump set. The pumping system draws water from the open well, bore well, stream, pond, canal etc.Look More

A: Please directly provide voltage, power, torque, inertia, running speed, encoder type, braking type, etc and usage occasion or our models.

A: All of our products adopt the full inspection and full test mode to ensure that each manufactured product is qualified.

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