Veichi AC adjustable frequency inverters are developed with advanced control algorithm such as vector control, tension control, V/F control, PID control and more motor control techniques of industry leading level. Besides, the random carrier, rotational speed tracking and more functionality are on the top-level of electrical industry.
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  • AC310 Series Frequency Inverter

    AC310 series inverter of VEICHI is a product that continues to be developed on new high-performance vector technology platform.

  • AC330 Special Frequency Inverter for Synchronous Reluctance Motor

    The AC330 series inverter is further optimized on the VEICHI AC310 product platform, integrating the drive control concept of the synchronous reluctance motor, and developing a new vector control algorithm.

  • AC10 Series Frequency Inverter

    AC10 series frequency inverter is a product developed on the latest technology platform of VEICHI. AC10 products are based on the market demand for miniaturization, high reliability and high cost performance.

  • SI21 Solar Pump Inverter

    SI21 Series Solar Pump Inverter with advanced syn.R.M. and PMSM driving technology;

  • SI30 Solar Pump Inverter

    With modular design and IP65 protection, VEICHI SI30 solar water pump inverter is highly praised by customers.

  • SI23 Solar Pump Inverter

    Specially designed with advanced MPPT and CVT technology.Support remote monitoring online through GPRS remote monitor system. Work well with PMSM,AM and other pumps.
    Book design saves installation space.

  • IN310 Industrial HVLS Fan Ceiling Fan Inverter

    IN310 integrated all-in-one machine is mainly composed of variable frequency drive, power-on rotary switch, speed control locator, LCD screen. It is an all-in-one machine that combines multiple functions, smooth start, ultra-quiet, small size, easy operation, energy saving and other advantages.

  • SIxV BLDC Solar Pump System

    This system will transform the solar energy from the sun to drive small power pumps and pump water for different kinds of applications. It is widely used in agricultural irrigation, water supply, animal husbandry, etc.

  • SI22 Solar Pump Inverter

    Small Body,Great Performance.It works as the little assistant who can help farmers become rich by solar pump irrigation.Small Body:Palm-sized,less than 1kg,and reducing installation space & delivery cost.Modern Stylish:One technology & one art,Easy to understand.MPPT Technology:Auto-track the whole voltage

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