SD700 Servo System

High Response, Precise Locating, Stable & Efficient


3KHz speed loop response bandwidth

The unique current algorithm can effectively improve the speed loop bandwidth which can greatly reduce the adjusting time and improve production efficiency. The fastest adjusting time can reach 1ms.

Support full closed loop mode

The full closed loop mode supports external second encoder or grating ruler to reduce mechanical transmission gaps and increase the actual positioning accuracy.

24-bit absolute encoder

Use the industrial top level 24-bit absolute encoder which single loop is up to 16,777,216 pulses and communication speed is up to 4Mpps. It can achieve more accurate positioning, more stability at low speed and no loss under power failure.

Low frequency vibration suppression function

The vibration filter can be set manually or automatically via the upper machine softwares to effectively eliminate the inherent vi-bration frequency, greatly reduce the stop axis jitter(sloshing) and effectively suppress vibration in 0~100Hz frequency.

Robust control

Adopt latest control theory algorithm to achieve load rotating inertia within 30 times (even load changes during processing). It can ensure stable operation without parameter adjustment and can be used after installation.

Auto set notch filter

There is no need to do complex vibration frequency measurement and analysis. The notch filter is quickly searched and automatically set through the single parameter adjustment function of the upper machine. It features easy to use,and the shortest time is within 70ms. It can greatly reduce the noise and vibration due to the equipment mechanical resonance so as to achieve more rapid response operation.

Support multiple communication protocols

Support multiple communication protocols: Modbus, CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFINET, MechatroLink II, MechatroLink III, etc;

Motor miniaturization and high dynamic performance

Adopt the latest manufacturing techniques to optimize magnetic circuit design and reduce magnetic loss, achieving motor high dynamic response performances. Besides, the motor volume is reduced by 20%.

Intelligent setting

Automatic gain adjustment, guided setting mode,and sequential setting can complete servo gain settings, which is easy to use. It also provides more adjustment modes, which can be adjusted according to different mechanical structure and technological characteristics, so that the machine can reach the optimum state.

Powerful PC software

Debugging software free of installation. The USB communication between the drive and computer is simple and easy to use.


SD700 Servo Drives 1
SD700 Servo Driver 2
SD700 Servo Drives 3
SD700 Servo Driver 4
SD700 Servo Drives 5
SD700 Servo Drives 6
SD700 Servo Drives 1
SD700 Servo Drives 2
SD700 Servo Driver 3
SD700 Servo Drives 4
SD700 Servo Driver 5
SD700 Servo Drives 6
SD700 Series Servo Drives

• SD700 PA, SD700 SA, SD700 CA SD700 EA, SD700 MA, SD700 LA, SD700 FA;

• 3KHz speed loop response bandwidth;

• 17bit, 23bit, 24bit encoder;

• Modbus, CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFINET, MechatroLink II, MechatroLink III;

• ECAM; Full closed loop model; Low frequency vibration suppression;

• Robust control; Auto set notch filter; AI setting;

• Speed observer; STO (optional);

• Voltage: 1 Phase 220V, 3 Phase 220V - 400V;

• Power: 50W - 110kW, customized up to 250kW;

VM7 Servo Motors 1
VM7 Servo Motors 2
VM7 Servo Motors 3
VM7 Servo Motors 4
VM7 Servo Motors 5
VM7 Servo Motors 1
VM7 Servo Motors 2
VM7 Servo Motors 3
VM7 Servo Motors 4
VM7 Servo Motors 5
VM7 Series Servo Motor

• High speed up to 6000rpm;

• 3-4 times overload capacity;

• Reduce volume by more than 20%;

• Protection level IP67;

• 17bit, 23bit, 24bit encoder;

• Low inertia, Medium inetia, High inertia;

• Flange 40mm~260mm, Customized the higher flange;

• 1500rpm, 2000rpm, 2500rpm, 3000rpm;

• 50W~110kW, customized up to 250kW;


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Industrial Applications for VEICHI Servo Systems

VEICHI servo drives and motors system are used in dozens of fields such as CNC Machine, Industrial Robot, Packaging Machine & Printing Machine, Textile Industry, etc. Please click the pictures below to view the application videos.


VEICHI ELECTRIC (Stock Code: 688698) products have superior performance, strong reliability, and have been widely used in China and other countries and regions in Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and won the user high praise from users.
VEICHI Quality
* Select high standard materials;
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* Advanced design concepts and product development mode;
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* Top VFD & Servo manufacturer in China;
* 90+ Patents;
* CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001 certifications;
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A: A servomotor is a rotary actuator or linear actuator that allows for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration. It consists of a suitable motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback.Look More

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