SD600E Servo Drive
  • SD600E Servo Drive

SD600E Servo Drive

More than 30 protection functions ensure the stability under operation
Up to 3 times rated overload capacity
Gain switching function to meet different working conditions with faster speed and more accurate positioning
Multiple origin return functions and origin detection methods

SD600E-SMM Series AC Servo System

1. Mode switch

In order to improve the transient characteristics of the motor during acceleration and deceleration, PI (proportional integral) control and P (proportional) control of the speed loop can be switched to suppress overshoot and undershoot

Mode switch of SD600E

2. Jog operation

No need to input commands, the use of the driver keyboard can also operate the motor to facilitate the test run

Jog operation of SD600E

3. Prevent over-travel

Stops the drive motor when the mechanical moving part exceeds its movable range

Prevent over-travel of SD600E

4. All-in-one control

In addition to using position, speed and torque control respectively, it is also possible to switch between any two controls modes

All-in-one control of SD600E

5. Feed forward compensation

Reduced positioning time due to the addition of feed forward compensation

Feed forward compensation of  SD600E

6. High-flexible internal position programing mode

High-flexible internal position programing mode