V5 Series Motion Programmable Logic Controller
  • V5 Series Motion Programmable Logic Controller

V5 Series Motion Programmable Logic Controller

Supports 16-axis synchronous motion, control cycle is 125μs – 1ms
Powerful I/O management functions meet control system logic control requirements
Modular idea and convenient functional module package
Excellent inheritability shortens engineering development cycle

V5 Series Motion Programmable Logic Controller

1. Wide Range of Applications

(1). Embedded industry function instructions;
(2). Full-closed-loop control;
(3). Supports various operations;
(4). Supports jog movement, linear interpolation, arcs, 3D arcs, electronic gears/cams, etc.;
(5). Embed a large number of industry-specific functional instructions, such as winding, shearing, flying shears, packaging and other industry modules, making applications very simple;
(6). Integrated synchronous follow, full-closed-loop control, multi-axis cooperative motion control module and other functions can be applied simply by calling;

 Wide Range of Applications of V5

2. Dual-core master chip brings better performance

(1). Strong logic operation;
(2). High output frequency;
(3). Short control cycle;
(4). Main chip dual-core processing and powerful logic operation;
(5). Output frequency up to 8M;
(6). Minimum control cycle up to 125μs;

Dual-core master chip brings better performance of V5

3. Support Online Debugging Brings Convenient Operation

(1). Multiple programming methods;
(2). Online debugging;
(3). Online help;
(4). Supports four programming methods including ladder diagram, instruction list, MC instruction and G code;
(5). Support online debugging, also supports online simulation debugging;
(6). Users can quickly find help via detailed online help functions;

4. Support Multiple Interfaces Achieve Comprehensive Expansion

(1). Support RS422, RS485, RS232, CAN, Ethernet and other communication methods;
(2). Support USB HOST interface, file copy and system upgrade;
(3). Scalable to 16-axis, 4-channel AD, 2-channel DA;
(4). Scalable input and output interface;

5. Safer and More Reliable System

(1). Remote access and maintenance;
(2). Multiple encryptions;
(3). High value for money;
(4). Support user program encryption;
(5). Multiple encryption functions reliably ensure user intellectual property;
(6). Have higher shock resistance and anti-interference ability;

Safer and More Reliable System

6. Structural Design Fits More in Line with Industrial Site Installation Requirements

The structure of the traditional motion controller is abandoned and the book design is adopted, which is more compact and beautiful. The DIN rail type installation also saves a lot of space