SI30 Solar Water Pump Inverter
  • SI30 Solar Water Pump Inverter

SI30 Solar Water Pump Inverter

Ingenious Design -- Small and exquisite inverter modules
Industry 4.0 -- GPRS, bluetooth and cloud platform to build the IOT module
Variety Modules -- AC/DC integrated (Boost) module
IP65 Protection ---- A perfect union of fashion sense and technology

SI30 Solar Water Pump Inverter Overview

SI30 solar pump inverter has wireless transmission technology (GPRS, Bluetooth, WIFI), mobile APP "one-key operation". Modular design, four major modules for customers to choose from. IP65 high protection grade, directly installed outdoors, without cabinet assembly. Drive synchronous, asynchronous, BLDC various types of pump motors. The new aluminum-alloy appearance is simple and elegant and more reliable.

  1. Smart Internet of Things-Smart Irrigation.
  2. Modular design.
  3. Wireless transmission, mobile APP "one key operation".
  4. IP65 high protection level, no cabinet assembly is required.
  5. AC110V/220V/400V multiple voltage options.
  6. Drive a variety of permanent magnet synchronous, asynchronous, BLDC motors.
  7. MPPT Maximum power output + multiple protection functions.
  8. New aluminum alloy appearance, generous and reliable.

Metal appearance, perfect integration of fashion sense and technology

  1. Die-cast aluminum alloy shell, lighter and more reliable, with a service life of more than 25 years.
  2. Fine surface treatment, high-speed sandblasting, electrochemical anodization.
  3. The brand-new keyboard design, the appearance is simple, supports the end-user "one-key start and stop".

IP65 triple protection, bring you a different experience

  1. Waterproof panel: regardless of wind or rain, the operation can be completed with one button.
  2. Waterproof connector: both input and output are safe and reliable.
  3. Waterproof shell: sturdy armor, shielding SI30 solar pump inverter from wind and rain.

Internal modular design, where to choose

  1. AC/DC switching module: circuit power supply, intelligent switching.
  2. Inverter module: compact and streamlined, abandon redundancy.
  3. Filter module: compact filter, protect well pump.
  4. IOT Module: Smart IoT, all in the cloud.

Smart monitoring brings smart irrigation

  1. Customize the PQ curve, and automatically calculate the flow rate, daily flow, cumulative flow, daily power generation, and cumulative power generation parameters that are most concerned by users based on the curve.
  2. Intelligent Internet of Things system: Internet of Things big data platform, wireless transmission technology (GPRS, Bluetooth or WIFI), can only judge the need for water and fertilizer, and realize intelligent irrigation.

Powerful software function to escort the water pump

  1. MPPT efficiency>99%: Adjust the output frequency according to the sunlight intensity to obtain the maximum power point in real-time.
  2. The special protection function of the photovoltaic water pump, dormancy, low frequency, dry, overcurrent, minimum power to ensure safe and reliable operation of the water pump.

Drive forever, multiple motors can drive

  1. PMSM: Permanent magnet synchronization, high power factor, low heat generation, high reliability.
  2. BLDC: Brushless DC, fast response, high starting torque.
  3. AM: Asynchronous induction, wide application, convenient maintenance.
  4. Single-phase motor: easy to get electricity, home use.

Mobile APP remote control, you can control it without going out

  1. Bluetooth, WIFI, GPRS bring wireless transmission technology.
  2. Chinese and English language switching is widely used.
  3. The drop-down menu is convenient and quick to set parameters.
  4. The digital tube displays the current data clearly and accurately.
  5. The circular operation button brings a different experience.

SI30 Solar Pump Inverter Certificate

1. CE: All series.
2. IEC:    

1) SI30-D5-5R5G-R: IEC 61683, IEC 62109-1, IEC 62109-2;
2) SI30-D5-7R5G-R: IEC 61683, IEC 62109-1,IEC 62109-2;
3) SI30-D5-011G-R: IEC 61683, IEC 62109-1, IEC 62109-2;

SI30 Solar Water Pump Inverter Video

Industrial Applications for SI30 Series Solar Pump Inverter

Applications:Farmland irrigation, residential water, landscape fountains, swimming pool water supply, desert management


Project Parameters
Power range 750 W-11,000 W
Input Solar Panels input range (Voc) D1 series: 90~400Vdc
D3 series: 150~450Vdc
D5 series: 300~850Vdc
AC input voltage/frequency range D1 series: 1Ph./3Ph. 110Vac 50/60Hz
D3 series: 1Ph./3Ph. 220~230Vac 50/60Hz
D5 series: 3Ph. 380~415Vac 50/60Hz
Frequency inverter efficiency ≥97%
Recommended voltage Voc D1 model:175-380VDC
D3 model:360-430VDC
D5 model:620-750VDC
Output MPPT efficiency up to 99.8%
Output voltage/frequency/power range D1 series: 110~230Vac  0~600HZ    0.75~1.5KW
D3 series: 150~230Vac  0~600HZ    0.75~2.2KW
D5 series: 230~460Vac  0~600HZ    0.75~11KW 
Overload capacity 1. 150% rated currency    60s;
2. 180% rated currency   10s;
3. 200% rated currency   0.5s;
Functions Special protection functions Dry protection, low frequency protection, minimum power protection, sleep protection, overwater protection, pump overcurrent protection, etc.
AC/DC switching Identify light intensity, automatic AC and DC switching
IOT function Supports VEICHI clouds service, scan the code to connect mobile APP
Boost function D1~D3 series model support extended boost module
Model of drive pump Three-phase AC asynchronous pump, three-phase permanent-magnet synchronous pump, BLDC (5.5KW or less), DC brushless water pump, single-phase pump (2.2KW or less)
Multi-function input terminal Supports 4 X-terminal input
Analog input Supports double analog AI input, 0-10V/0-20mA double selection
Basic protection functions 1. Low speed protection
2. Dormancy function
3. Undervoltage/Overvoltage protection
4. Water fulfilled protection
5. Input/output phase lose protection
6. Phase-Phase/ Phase to ground short circuit protection
Short-circuit detection of motor grounding Automatic detection whether the motor is Short-circuit to ground in power-on
Communication network Supports RS485 communication to realize network and linkage control between VEICHI inverters
Remote monitoring Supports remote program upgrade, data monitoring and lock function, can connect VEICHI GPRS module, and supports VEICHI virtual oscilloscope for monitoring and debugging.
Surroundings Installation location Outdoor, less than 1000m altitude, keep away from corrosive air and direct sunlight
Temperature, humidity -10-60°C, 20%-95%RH (no condensation)
Vibration The vibration is less than 0.5g when the vibration frequency is less than 20Hz
Storage temperature -20~60℃
Installation mode Suspension installation
Protection class IP65
Cooling method Natural cooling/forced air cooling
International certification Model:SI30-D5-5R5G-R/SI30-D5-7R5G-R/SI30-D5-011G-R
Standard Comformance: IEC 62109-1/62109-2
                                        IEC 61683: 1999


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