SIxV series BLDC Solar Pump System
  • SIxV series BLDC Solar Pump System

SIxV series BLDC Solar Pump System

Low System Cost
High Reliability
MPPT Technology
Two-year Warranty

Solar Pump System Overview

This system will transform the solar energy from the sun to drive small power pumps and pump water for different kinds of applications. It is widely used in agricultural irrigation, water supply, animal husbandry, etc. Aiming to make it simple for  farmers, VEICHI provides system package solution including inverter, solar pump and necessary accessories and supports  two-year warranty. 

Features of solar pump inverter

1. IP55
2. Easy operation & maintenance
3. Specific  functions for solar pump
4. Cost-saving

Features of solar pump

1. High efficiency PMSM bruless motor
2. NSK Bearing
3. Motor: IP68
4. Advanced fluid technology

Solar Pump System Video

Industrial Applications for Solar Pump System

Farmland irrigation, residential water, landscape fountains, swimming pool water supply, desert management


Model Explanation

①:Renewable Products
④:Motor Voltage
⑤:Rated Power

Solar Pump Controller

                                                           Specification of controller
Model Adaptable Pump Rated Voltage Max.Input Current Max.Open Circuit Voltage MPPT voltage Range
DC-12 12V 17A 48V 30-48V
DC-24 24V 17A 48V 30-48V
DC-36 36V 17A 48V 30-48V
DC-48 48V 17A 100V 60-90V
DC-72 72V 17A 150V 90-120V
DC-110 110V 17A 200V 110-150V


           Screw Pump                                       Plastic Impeller                                  SS Impeller


Solar Pumps Size/inch Flow Head Voltage Power
Screw Pump 3 Max.2.2 m³/h Max.180m 24V/48V/72V 80W-1100W
Plastic Impeller 3,4 Max.20 m³/h Max.195m 24V/48V/72V/110V 200W-1500W
SS Impeller 3,4,6 Max.40 m³/h Max.203m 24V/48V/72V/110V 300W-1500W
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