Veichi AC adjustable frequency inverters are developed with advanced control algorithm such as vector control, tension control, V/F control, PID control and more motor control techniques of industry leading level. Besides, the random carrier, rotational speed tracking and more functionality are on the top-level of electrical industry.
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  • SD780 Series High-performance Servo System

    Designed from SD700, a simple, cost-effective upgrade design with amazing performance, gained kinds of certifications around the world. More compact, more easy-going and more efficient.

  • V7E Series Servo Motor

    The protection level of the whole series of V7E motors has reached the level of IP67. The high protection level can make the motor suitable for more environments.

  • VM7 Series Servo Motor

    High-resolution Encoder for More Accurate Positioning; Use High-quality Raw Materials to Ensure High Motor Performance; Special Internal Design to Improve Motor Performance

  • EHS100 Integrated Hydraulic Servo

    Combined with drive, motor and brake unit, it simplifies installation of lines, reduces bridges, trunking, connectors, reduces line nodes, reduces equipment complexity, improves space utilization, eliminates commissioning and power-up, and increases installation efficiency by 5 times the above.

  • AP100 Series PMSM Air Compressor Purpose VFD

    New Dark Gray Styling & Details Highlight Quality; Highly Integrated & Multiple Experiences in One; IP52 Protection Level Makes It Free From Oil Pollution; Unique Energy-Saving Vector Control Algorithm

  • SD650 Servo Drive for Electro Hydraulic Control System

    VEICHI SD650 servo drive is designed for electro hydraulic control system to adjust the electro hydraulic output more energy-savingly, suitable for single pump and multi-pump system.

  • VI20 Series HMI

    VEICHI industrial HMI VI20 series , a new generation of the IOT HMI with industrial ABS plastic shell and high reliability. The new model comes with a more practical down-cable approach and a better looking. The higher resolution models are aslo available.

  • AC70S Special Drive for Construction Elevator

    It is convenient for on-site maintenance of equipment and minimizes the cost of frequency conversion transformation of construction elevator.

  • SD500 spindle servo drive

    SD500 is a new generation of high-performance spindle servo drive: standard double encoder interface can realize full-closed servo control of spindle motor, integrating speed control, position control and torque control.

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