Veichi AC adjustable frequency inverters are developed with advanced control algorithm such as vector control, tension control, V/F control, PID control and more motor control techniques of industry leading level. Besides, the random carrier, rotational speed tracking and more functionality are on the top-level of electrical industry.
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  • AC70E Portable Mini Frequency Inverter

    VEICHI AC70E is a portable mini frequency inverter which is small in size with vector control mode. The micro tech power inverter is a small general purpose inverter.

  • BU30 Series Brake Unit

    VEICHI BU30 series brake unit is widely used in mechanical occasions which require fast braking speed.

  • S100 Material Lifting Intelligent Control System

    S100 is a special model developed for the intelligent control system of cargo construction elevators, including VFD, HMI touch screen, intelligent (unmanned) driving, humanoid detection, human-computer interaction, intelligent diagnosis, wireless remote control, wireless video transmission, automati

  • AC310-XL special inverter

    High Protective Structure Design Independent duct design to effectively resist metal dust PCBs are all thickened with tri-proof paint, High shock-resistant design

  • S200 Series Construction Lifting Integrated Machine

    The industry's first - construction and lifting integrated machine, it is a special model developed for the construction of the elevator electrical control system, set variable frequency control unit, logic control unit, lifting weight limiter, brake power supply, etc.

  • VC600 Water Jet Weaving Electrical Control System

    For the textile industry, electricity consumption is the main part of its production cost. The use of frequency conversion energy-saving transformation has become the most effective way for the textile industry to reduce the energy cost of dyeing yarn and improve the competitiveness of products.

  • AC200T special inverter for tension control

    AC200T series adopts international leading vector control technology and is compatible with asynchronous and synchronous motor control and open loop/closed loop control.

  • S200K Construction Hoist Control System

    VEICHI S200K is a professional and stable construction hoist control system which integrates user control panel. It's well-known for its high stability and professional design.

  • AC830 Series Four-quadrant Inverter

    AC830 series four-quadrant inverter cabinet belongs to VEICHI's four-quadrant frequency conversion speed regulation product technology platform. It adopts ARM+FPGA dual control architecture, ultra-efficient and energy-saving drive.

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