Application of VEICHI AC80 and SD600A on Air Jet Loom and Terry Towel Air Jet Loom

Date: 2018-05-25 Location: China Product Model: AC80, SD600A Category: Textile

Ⅰ. Preface

1. The air jet loom is a shuttle-less loom that adopts jet stream to traverse the weft through the shed. The working principle is using air as a weft insertion medium: the friction between the ejected compressed air flow and weft produces traction that takes the weft through the shed. It achieves the purpose of weft insertion via the jet flow which is produced by air jet.

2. Terry towel air jet loom is added the electronic loop device on the basis of original air-jet loom, and the other working principles are basically the same as the air jet looms.

air jet loom

Ⅱ. Equipment Process Requirements

1. Air Jet Loom

Spindle motor: the spindle motor drives the heald frame, weft insertion device and many other devices of loom via the cam motions. When starting, the spindle motor needs to start from 0rpm to 520rpm (loom speed) within 100ms, requiring a very high starting torque (the power of loom motor is 3.7KW with triangular connection and 220V rated voltage).

Electronic take-up device: it reels finished fabric following the spindle speed, the faster the spindle speed is, the faster the take-up speed is.

Electronic let-off: it adjusts the let-off speed in accordance with the winging tension. The greater the tension is, the faster the let-off speed is; on the contrary, the let-off speed is low.

2. Terry Towel Air Jet Loom

The process requirements of terry towel air jet loom's spindle motor, electronic take-up device and let-off device are basically the same as the air jet looms, but the jet towel loom is added the loop device.

terry towel air jet loom

Ⅲ. The Use of VEICHI Products on Air Jet Loom in China

The VEICHI products what are used in our customer's air jet looms:

Product    name

Product    model


Special    Jet Loom frequency inverter


Drive Main Motor

General    purpose servo drive and servo motor


Electronic let-off

General    purpose servo drive and servo motor


Electronic take-up


veichi air jet loom inverter

The special jet loom frequency inverter is developed by VEICHI and RIFA. This high-performance vector control frequency inverter is widely applied on air jet looms, air jet towel looms and water looms. It has the following characteristics:

1. Built-in super start function: it can drive the motor of jet looms from 0rpm to 520rpm within 100ms. After the loom speed reaches to the required value, it runs with reduced voltage (from 380V to 220V).

2. Compared with the contactor control mode, the frequency inverter has stepless speed regulation function.

3. Fanless design: in the textile workshop, there is too much lint which easily plugs the duct of variable frequency inverter. Because of the serious dusty environment and high temperature working environment in summer (above 40℃), VEICHI special jet loom frequency inverter adopts with fanless design with enlarged radiator, additionally, VEICHI has made special surface treatment in order to enhance the cooling effect of jet loom frequency inverter.

SD600A series servo drive adopts the TI's latest 32-bit DSP as the core control chip and also adopts the advanced digital motor control algorithm that it can achieve closed-loop control in current loop, speed loop and position loop with fast response. This product has been widely used in textile industry.

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