AC90 Tension Control VFD
  • AC90 Tension Control VFD

AC90 Tension Control VFD

Adopts the latest tension control technique.
Precise control in frequency, rolling diameter and line speed.
Built-in inertia torque compensation module for better control.
Automatically start broken belt protection according to anomalous changes in rolling diameter.

AC90 series is a high performance vector tension control VFD drive which is developed with the latest open loop tension control technique under torque mode. With its advanced torque recognition algorithms, it can automatically compensate inertia and friction which ensures consistent tension control during manufacturing process. It features smart rolling diameter recognition, high recognition accuracy and strong anti-disturbance ability.

tension control system

1. Outstanding Working Performance

Veichi AC90 tension control VFD supports multiple tension control modes, diverse tension given ways, various rolling diameter calculation methods and dynamic compensation modes that it can effortlessly deal with various application occasions. It features high precision in output torque linearity, fast torque response speed and ripple-free output. AC90 can replace the traditional tension control system with enhanced tension control performance.

In OLV: the torque accuracy is ±3%; torque response time is less than 20ms.
In CLV: the torque accuracy is ±2%; torque response time is less than 10ms.

linear velocity method

2. Professional Design

a. AC90 is treated with conformal coatings that it is moisture-proof, dust-proof and mold-proof.

b. Wide voltage range design that it can meet various application scenarios.

c. Independent air duct design that its cooling performance is good.

d. It is simple to replace the fan so users can easily clean and maintain it.

3. Rich Extension Functions

Veichi AC90 tension control frequency inverter is designed with multiple extension ports for optional input card, profibus-DP card, PG feedback card, output expansion card and more, so that it can meet all kinds of control requirements.

components of AC90 tension control VFD



Please learn the main technical specifications of AC90 high quality low voltage inverter from the following table:





Single phase 220V 50/60Hz, what is 3 phase and single phase?
Three phase 380V 50/60Hz Three phase220V 50/60Hz
Three phase 660V 50/60Hz; Three phase1140V; 50/60Hz

Allowable fluctuations

Voltage: 320V~440V; voltage unbalance rate: 3%;
Frequency: ±5%; aberration rate: as IEC61800-2 required

Inrush current

Lower than rated current

Power factor

=0.94(with DC reactor)




Output voltage

Output under rated condition: 3 phase, 0~input voltage, inaccurancy 5%

Output frequency range

G type:0-320Hz

Output frequency accuracy

Max frequency ±0.5%

Overload capacity

G type:150% rated current/1 min,180% rated current/10s,200% rated current/0.5s


Motor control mode

VC without PG, VC with PG, V/F without PG, V/F with PG

Modulate mode

Optimized SVPWM mode

Carrier frequency

0.6~15.0kHz,randomized carrier-wave

Speed range

VC without PG: rated load 1:100
VC with PG: rated load 1:1000

Steady speed accuracy

VC without PG: =1% rated synchronized speed
VC with PG: =0.02% rated synchronized speed

Starting torque

Flux VC without PG: when 0.5Hz, 180% rated torque
Flux VC with PG: when 0Hz, 200% rated torque

Torque response

Flux VC without PG: =20ms
Flux VC with PG: =10ms

Product basic functions

Tension control

Tension setting calculation;Tension tape calculation

Roll diameter calculation

Linear speed calculation method;Thickness calculation method; Time integral calculation method

Torque control

Torque setting calculation; Torque ACC/DEC time; Torque compensation; Speed limit

Speed control

Frequency setting; ACC/DEC time setting; Run direction setting; Speed setting; Torque setting

Motor parameter study

Rotate auto studay; Static auto studay

Auto voltage adjust

Auto keep stable output voltage while the net voltage waves

Auto energy saving run

Auto output best voltage according to actual load need to save energy

Auto limit current

Auto limit current in running to prevent

Frequency set channels

Keyboard digital set, keyboard potentionmeter, analog voltage terminal VS1/VS2, analog current terminal AS communication given and multi channels terminal selection, master-slave channels combination.

Feedback input channel

Voltage terminal VS1/VS2, current terminal AS, communication given, pulse input PUL.

Running command channel

Operation panel given, external terminal given, communication given.

Input command signal

Start, stop, FOR/REV, JOG, multi-step speed, free stop, reset, Acceleration/Deceleration time selection, frequency set channel selection, exterior fault alarm.

Exterior output signal

One relay output, two collector output, 0~10V output,4~20mA output,frequency pulse output.

Protection function

Overvoltage, undervoltage, current limit, overcurrent, overload, electric thermalrelay, overheat, overvoltage stall, data protection.


LED display

Single file 4 digital tube display

Can monitor one state variable

Two file 4 digital tube display

Can monitor two state variables

Parameter copy

Can upload or download function code information of inverter to realize fast parameter copy.

State monitor

Output frequency, given frequency, output current, input voltage, output voltage, motor speed, PID feedback, PID given value, module temperature, input/output terminal condition.

Fault alarm

Ouve-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short circuit, open phase, overload, overheat, over-voltage speed lost, current limit, or data protection is destroyed; Fault running state; Fault history.


Install place

Indoor altitude =1000m,no corrosive air or direct sunshine


-10 ~ +40°C (hanging type)
-10 ~ +45°C (cabinet type)
20%—90%RH(no condensation)


Under 20Hz=0.5g

Store temperatue

-25 — +65°C


Hanging type, cabinet type



Cooling mode

Forced cooling