AC200 High Performance Vector Control AC Drive
  • AC200 High Performance Vector Control AC Drive

AC200 High Performance Vector Control AC Drive

Adopting high-performance vector control algorithm
Unique synchronous motor control algorithm
Excellent impact load response capability
Over-excitation function, no external braking resistor required

1. Voltage Class:

Single phase, 220V, 0.75 to 220kW
3 phase, 220V, 0.75 to 220kW
3 phase, 380V, 0.75 to 710kW

2. Load with Fast Response

Advanced real-time high performance vector control, 100% instantaneous load with rapid response.

3. Precise Control under Closed-Loop High Performance Vector Control

a. Speed Control  
Open-loop V / F, high performance vector control 1:100
Closed-loop high performance vector control 1:1000
Steady speed accuracy ±0.05%
Speed fluctuation ±0.02%

b. Torque Control  
Torque accuracy: open loop ± 5.0%, closed loop ± 5.0%
Response time: open loop < 20ms, closed loop < 10ms

4. High Starting Torque Characteristics

AC200 frequency inverter can provide 150% of rated torque (V / F, no PG high performance vector control) at 0.5Hz, and provide 200% of rated torque (with PG high performance vector control) at 0Hz.

5. Induction Motor and PMSM Can be Freely Combined

motor control mode

6. Advanced Motor Automatic Tuning Function

.In addition to the motor rotation, static self-identification functions of previous models, the rotation self-learning function of hoisting motors can automatically identify the direction of the encoder signal to simplify the debugging process.

.Newly Developed a Completely-Static Self-Identification Method:
Even if the motor cannot disengage the load, it can accurately identify all the parameters of the motor, which improves the adaptability of vector control. The high performance vector control can adapt to different applications.

.Support a variety of encoders: Differential encoder, open collector encoder, U / V / W encoder, rotary transformer encoder, which facilitate the realization of closed-loop high-performance vector control.

7. High Speed Output under High-Performance Vector Control

The maximum frequency is up to 600Hz under vector control mode that it is capable of achieving 12 times of precise speed output within field-weakening speed regulation range.