IN310 Industrial HVLS Fan Ceiling Fan Inverter
  • IN310 Industrial HVLS Fan Ceiling Fan Inverter

IN310 Industrial HVLS Fan Ceiling Fan Inverter

Multi-function, smooth start, ultra-quiet, small size, easy operation, energy saving and other advantages
The driver adopts the international leading field-oriented vector control technology, compatible with asynchronous and synchronous motor control
Support a variety of expansion accessories to enrich product elements

IN310 Series Inverter Overview

IN310 integrated all-in-one machine is mainly composed of variable frequency drive, power-on knob switch, speed control positioner, and liquid crystal display. It is an all-in-one machine with multiple advantages, such as multi-function, smooth start-up, ultra-quiet, small size, easy operation, and energy saving.


  1. High-performance vector professional platform, excellent motor control algorithm;
  2. Support synchronous and asynchronous motor;
  3. Integration of driver and peripheral electrical equipment;
  4. "A5 paper" size, flexible and compact;
  5. Exquisite design, full of technology;
  6. Simple operation, plug and run, no debugging required;
  7. Rich expansion interface, applicable to various occasions;
  8. PCB three anti-paint protection to ensure product stability and reliability;

Integrated design, Plug and Run

IN310 integrated: VFD,LCD,rotary switch, digital potentiometer and other related devices. No need for manual assembly, wiring and use.

Drive AM and PMSM motors

IN310 can be compatible with driving various motors such as AM and PMSM motors. Achieve system upgrades without using other drivers.

Small Body, Saving installation space

Left traditional cabinet mode, adopt mini integrated design, saving installation space.

Ultra-quiet, eliminate noise interference

Latest noise reduction technology can reduce the electromagnetic noise during motor running. Slient operation creates a quiet environment for users.

Easy wiring, safe and reliable

  1. IP68 waterproof terminals to ensure electrical reliability;
  2. Adopt top wiring, more efficiency and tidy for wiring;

Potentiometer design, simple operation

  1. Just operate the potentiometer knob, easy to operate;
  2. High fatigue resistance, high reliability of power-on/off;
  3. Adopts digital electrical appliances, with long life;

IOT Remote Control

Real-time monitoring, periodic sampling, remote modification real-time location tracking, and intelligent display of location through the Internet of Things (website or mobile APP).

"Aesthetic" design, stunning products

Subvert the traditional appearance design, the appearance is amazing, let the "aesthetic" products into industry and life.

LCD Display Rich Content

  1. LCD display content: current speed, operating current, input voltage, operating status, etc;
  2. "One-key operation" through the potentiometer: speed adjustment, start and stop, function selection, etc;
  3. Use the indicator to judge the status of speed adjustment, power on and off.

Industrial Applications for IN310 Series Inverter

Applications:Synchronous direct-drive fan motors, asynchronous fan motors, fans, water pumps, transmission, food packaging, and other speed control applications.

Video of IN310 Inverter for Industrial HVLS Fan Ceiling


Project Specification
Power range 1,500 W-2,200 W
Power input Voltage and frequency Single-phase 220V 50/60Hz Three-phase 380V ~480V 50/60Hz
Allow fluctuation Voltage imbalance rate: <3%; Frequency: ±5%; Distortion rate meets IEC61800-2 requirements
Closing impulse current Less than rated current
Power factor ≥0.94(With DC reactor)
Inverter efficiency ≥96%
Output The output voltage Output under rated conditions: 3 phases, 0 ~ input voltage, the error is less than 5%
Output frequency range 0~600Hz
Output frequency accuracy ±0.5% of maximum frequency value
Overload capacity Type G: 150% rated current 1min, 180% rated current 10s, 200% rated current 0.5s
Type P: 120% rated current for 1min, 140% rated current for 10s, 150% rated current for 0.5s
Main control performance Motor type Three-phase asynchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor (sine wave)
Motor control mode V/F control, open loop vector control, closed loop vector control
Modulation Optimize space vector PWM modulation
Carrier frequency 1.0~16.0kHz
Speed control range Vector control without PG, rated load 1:100; vector control with PG, rated load 1:1000
Steady-state speed accuracy Vector control without PG: ≤2% of rated synchronous speed; vector control with PG: ≤0.05% of rated synchronous speed
Starting torque Vector control without PG: 150% rated torque at 0.5Hz; Vector control with PG: 200% rated torque at 0Hz
Torque response Vector control without PG: <20ms; Vector control with PG: <10ms
Frequency accuracy Digital setting: maximum frequency×±0.01%
Frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01Hz
Basic product function Torque control Torque setting calculation, torque mode speed setting
Torque boost Automatic torque increase 0.0%~100.0%; Manual torque increase 0.0%~30.0%
V/F curve Four methods: linear torque characteristic curve, self-set V/F curve, reduced torque characteristic curve (1.1~2.0 power), square V/F curve
Acceleration and deceleration curve Two ways: linear acceleration and deceleration, S curve acceleration and deceleration
Four sets of acceleration and deceleration time, the time unit is 0.01s, the longest is 650.00s
Rated output voltage Using the power supply voltage compensation function, the rated motor voltage is 100%, which can be set in the range of 50 to 100% (the output cannot exceed the input voltage)
Automatic voltage adjustment When the grid voltage fluctuates, it can automatically keep the output voltage constant
Automatic energy saving operation Under V/F control mode, the output voltage is automatically optimized according to the load to realize energy-saving operation
Automatic current limit Automatically limit the current during operation to prevent frequent over-current fault trips
Instantaneous power failure processing In case of instantaneous power failure, uninterrupted operation is realized through bus voltage control
Standard function Speed tracking, restart after power failure, jump frequency, frequency upper and lower limit control, program operation, RS485, parameter access level setting, common parameter setting
Frequency setting channel Keyboard number setting, keyboard potentiometer, communication setting
Run command channel Button key setting, communication setting
Protective function Overvoltage, undervoltage, current limiting, overcurrent, overload, electronic thermal relay, overheating, overvoltage stall, data protection, fast protection, input and output phase loss protection
Keyboard display LED display rmp (output speed), A (running current), V (input voltage), running status, whether "output speed" is locked, fault interface, etc.
Parameter copy The function code information of the inverter can be uploaded and downloaded to realize fast parameter copy
Status monitoring Input voltage, output current, output speed
Error alarm Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, phase loss, overload, overheating, overvoltage stall, current limit, data protection damaged, current fault operation status, historical fault record
Surroundings Installation site If the altitude is lower than 1000 meters, derating for use above 1000 meters, derating by 1% for every 100 meters;
No condensation, icing, rain, snow, hail, etc., solar radiation less than 700W/m2, pressure 70~106kPa
Temperature and humidity From -10℃ to +50℃, derating can be used above 40℃, the maximum temperature is 60℃ (no-load operation)
5% ~ 95%RH(No condensation)
Vibration When 9~200Hz, 5.9m/s2(0.6g)
Storage temperature From -30℃ to +60℃
Installation method Wall-mounted, vertical cabinet
Protection level IP20
Cooling method Forced air cooling


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