IN310 series inverter
  • IN310 series inverter

IN310 series inverter

Multi-function, smooth start, ultra-quiet, small size, easy operation, energy saving and other advantages
The driver adopts the international leading field-oriented vector control technology, compatible with asynchronous and synchronous motor control
Support a variety of expansion accessories to enrich product elements


  • High-performance vector professional platform, excellent motor control algorithm;
  • Support synchronous and asynchronous motor;
  • Integration of driver and peripheral electrical equipment;
  • "A5 paper" size, flexible and compact;
  • Exquisite design, full of technology;
  • Simple operation, plug and run, no debugging required;
  • Rich expansion interface, applicable to various occasions;
  • PCB three anti-paint protection to ensure product stability and reliability;

Integrated design, Plug and Run

IN310 integrated: VFD,LCD,rotary switch, digital potentiometer and other related devices. No need for manual assembly, wiring and use.

Drive AM and PMSM motors

IN310 can be compatible with driving various motors such as AM and PMSM motors. Achieve system upgrades without using other drivers.

Small Body, Saving installation space

Left traditional cabinet mode, adopt mini integrated design, saving installation space.

Ultra-quiet, eliminate noise interference

Latest noise reduction technology can reduce the electromagnetic noise during motor running. Slient operation creates a quiet environment for users.

Easy wiring, safe and reliable

  • IP68 waterproof terminals to ensure electrical reliability;
  • Adopt top wiring, more efficiency and tidy for wiring;

Potentiometer design, simple operation

  • Just operate the potentiometer knob, easy to operate;
  • High fatigue resistance, high reliability of power-on/off;
  • Adopts digital electrical appliances, with long life;

IOT Remote Control

Real-time monitoring, periodic sampling, remote modification real-time location tracking, and intelligent display of location through the Internet of Things (website or mobile APP).

"Aesthetic" design, stunning products

Subvert the traditional appearance design, the appearance is amazing, let the "aesthetic" products into industry and life.

LCD Display Rich Content

  • LCD display content: current speed, operating current, input voltage, operating status, etc;
  • "One-key operation" through the potentiometer: speed adjustment, start and stop, function selection, etc;
  • Use the indicator to judge the status of speed adjustment, power on and off.