Solution of SD600A shearing product length inequality

Fault Name: 

The lengths of the products cut by SD600A keel equipment are different.

Fault Symptom: 

Customers' feedback mentioned that after the newly installed stainless steel keel equipment is put into operation, except the three materials in the accelerated state of the equipment, the lengths of the sheared out materials are different, and the cutter also gets stuck.


As for different lengths, the encoder does not collect the right signal; the encoder installation is unreasonable and the feeding speeds of the frequency inverter are different from time to time.

As for cutter-stuck condition, the time setting of the cutter during going up and down is unreasonable when the to-be-cut material reaches the ideal cutting length.


Check the encoder's wiring for any poor contact; 

Check whether the installation of the encoder is reasonable and it operates unsmoothly, slippage occurs due to incomplete contact between the material contact surface and the encoder pick-up roller.

Cutter-stuck condition: observe how it occurs during cutting material operation and check if the cutting time is too long or the cutter backing is not quick enough.


Shearing system refers to that the stainless steel or aluminum plate is formed by the keel equipment grinding tool before being sent to the shearing platform, and the encoder would collect the signal of feed speed before transferring it to the servo drive in which the shearing speed is calculated, then the system will cut the material in equivalent length. If the encoder was installed wrongly during the operation, the length of the cut material is different due to the unstable acquisition speed signal of the encoder. So the encoder installation in the shearing system is the key point. The cutter stuck could be due to that the hydraulic cutting tool does not completely cut the material or the cutter has not returned yet, the following platform has gone back that causes the material cutter get stuck. The up and down time setting of the cutter must be based on the fastest time to cut the material, and that could be obtained during the testing time.

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