Water eutrophication


With the advancement of urbanization, the discharge of urban sewage leads to the serious eutrophication of surrounding water bodies.  Solar can provide clean energy supply in water pollution ecological restoration. The whole system is easy to install and has low maintenance cost. Unattended remote monitoring can be realized through the intelligent IOT platform.

Site introduction

The site was located in a river on the suburb of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. The water was eutrophicate by sewage pollution, which caused the water to become black and smelly. Due to the IP65 high protection level of the SI30 series solar pump inverter, the whole solar pumping system can be installed on the floating raft in the river, using solar energy to invert and the water body can be oxygenated by the solar energy driven aerator, improving black and smelly water bodies caused by eutrophication. This is a typical application of solar water pumping system in ecological water treatment.

Site 1

Location:Guizhou, China

Date:June. 2020


Rated Power: 1.5KW 2HP
Rated Voltage: AC220V 3 PHASE
Rated Current: 6.5A

Solar pump inverter:

Model: SI30-D3-2R2G
Rated Power: 2.2KW
Rated Output Voltage: AC220V 3 PHASE
Rated Current: 10A
DC input range: 150~450VDC

Solar panel:

Rated power: 300W
Voc: 37.82V
parallel: 1
Series: 10
Total Power: 3000W
Total Voc: 378.2V


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