Solar Aerator

Quick Return On Investment; Free Energy Cost; ZERO-CO2 Emission.

Swimming Pool

Eliminates Pool Utility Cost; Quick Return On Investment; ZERO-CO2 Emission.

Landscape Fountain

With the development of photovoltaic technology, solar energy is widely used in agricultural irrigation as a clean and renewable energy to save great amount of electricity consumption.

Water eutrophication

With the advancement of urbanization, the discharge of urban sewage leads to the serious eutrophication of surrounding water bodies. Solar can provide clean energy supply in water pollution ecological restoration.

Desert management

Solar desert ecological power station is the most important mode of sand control. Its biggest feature is the combination of solar irrigation system desert control, water-saving agriculture.

Drinking Water Supply

Clean Drinking Water Supply. One time investment and up to 20 years benefit. ZERO-CO2 Emission.

Farmland Irrigation

VEICHI solar pump inverter can quickly and accurately adjust the flow rate and keep the pipeline pressure constantly according to the water consumption.

Pump VFD or VSD for Constant Pressure Water Supply System

It shares the pump VFD which is widely used in constant pressure water supply system, and the energy-saving principle of VSD pumps.

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