Solar Aerator

Quick Return On Investment; Free Energy Cost; ZERO-CO2 Emission.

Swimming Pool

Eliminates Pool Utility Cost; Quick Return On Investment; ZERO-CO2 Emission.

Landscape Fountain

With the development of photovoltaic technology, solar energy is widely used in agricultural irrigation as a clean and renewable energy to save great amount of electricity consumption.

Water eutrophication

With the advancement of urbanization, the discharge of urban sewage leads to the serious eutrophication of surrounding water bodies. Solar can provide clean energy supply in water pollution ecological restoration.

Desert management

Solar desert ecological power station is the most important mode of sand control. Its biggest feature is the combination of solar irrigation system desert control, water-saving agriculture.

Drinking Water Supply

Clean Drinking Water Supply. One time investment and up to 20 years benefit. ZERO-CO2 Emission.

Farmland Irrigation

VEICHI solar pump inverter can quickly and accurately adjust the flow rate and keep the pipeline pressure constantly according to the water consumption.

How to Maintain a Variable Frequency Drive

It shares 10 important tips about how to maintain a variable frequency drive.

Professional System Control Solution of Industrial Washing Machine Provided by AC70

It shares a professional system control solution for industrial washing machines provided by VEICHI AC70 frequency inverter.

Application of Veichi AC90 Frequency Inverter on Dye Jigger

Veichi AC90 has been used in textile industry for controlling the sizing machine. It effectively enhances the productivity and reduces the maintain cost.

Pump VFD or VSD for Constant Pressure Water Supply System

It shares the pump VFD which is widely used in constant pressure water supply system, and the energy-saving principle of VSD pumps.

PLC and AC70 Vector Inverter Used in Extruder

Extruder is widely used in plastic processing machinery.This article describes the performance of Veichi industrial control products on extruders.

Application of Veichi AC80 on Sand Saw

Veichi AC80 VFD can be used on sand saw to improve the board quality and production efficiency while reducing energy consumption and costs. AC80 VFD can ensure safety and reduce network load during operation of sand saw.

Application of Veichi AC60Q on Ball Milling Machine

This article shows the professional solution that Veichi AC60Q provided to ball milling machines in ceramic industry.

Frequency Conversion and Energy Saving Solution for Boiler Combustion System

This solution shares how to transform the boiler combustion system to make it more energy-saving with variable frequency.

Solutions of VEICHI AC80 on Tower Crane

With the increasing requirements on speed control performance of tower crane, the traditional speed control methods which have large on-site maintaining requirements, high system fault rates and poor comprehensive technical indicators can not satisfy the special requirements in industrial productions.

What is PID Control Algorithm

It introduces about what is PID control system and the working principle of PID control algorithm.

What is the Difference Between 3 Phase and Single Phase

It shows what is the difference between single phase and three phase. In this article, you will make clear about the applications, advantages and etc. about single phase and three phase.

Application of SF81 Using on Injection Molding Machine Control System

It shows the advantages, control working principle and more of Veichi SF81 VFD when it has been used in injection molding machine control system.

Practical Application of Veichi S200 on Construction Elevator

It shows that Veichi S200 provides professional control solution for construction elevator.

Application of VEICHI AC100 in Oilfield Pumping Unit

It shows the professional solution of VEICHI AC100 VFD when it is using on oil pumping unit.

Frequency Conversion Energy-Saving Retrofit Program of Air Compressor

This article is about a frequency conversion energy-saving retrofit program of air compressor.

VFD Troubleshooting

It tells the VFD troubleshooting tutorial. Read it, you will get to know about how to troubleshoot VFD drives step by step.

Applications of PLC and AC80 on Sand Dredger

This article tells the professional industrial control solution that Veichi AC80 and VE200 PLC provides to sand dredger.

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