Overview about V/F Control

An introduction about V/F control like its control principle, applications, the pros and cons of V/F control of induction motor.

VFD Installation Instructions

It shares the VFD installation guide and the important attentions what you need to read before installing VFDs.

Applications of AC80C-Y Punch Press Special Inverter

This article tells about the application example of AC80C-Y on punching machine.

Practical Application of Veichi S200 on Construction Elevator

It shows that Veichi S200 provides professional control solution for construction elevator.

AC90 Offers Professional Solutions for Sizing Machine

Veichi AC90 has been used in textile industry for controlling the sizing machine. It effectively enhances the productivity and reduces the maintain cost.

Application of Veichi AC100-C Servo Spindle VFD on Machine Tool

The article shares the practical application of Veichi AC100-C servo spindle VFD on machine tool.

What is the Difference Between 3 Phase and Single Phase

It shows what is the difference between single phase and three phase. In this article, you will make clear about the applications, advantages and etc. about single phase and three phase.

Applications of PLC and AC80 on Sand Dredger

This article tells the professional industrial control solution that Veichi AC80 and VE200 PLC provides to sand dredger.

What is MPPT

This article tells about what is MPPT.Maximum power point tracking is an advanced technology used to generate more efficient power output from PV solar modules.

PLC and AC70 Vector Inverter Used in Extruder

Extruder is widely used in plastic processing machinery.This article describes the performance of Veichi industrial control products on extruders.

What is PID Control Algorithm

It introduces about what is PID control system and the working principle of PID control algorithm.

What is the Difference Between AC and DC Motors

It tells about the difference between AC motor and DC motor in features, practical applications and so forth.

Space Vector Modulation Technique

The main features of SVM and SVPWM (space vector modulation technique). It also tells the differences among SVPWM, PWM and SPWM.

What is Pulse Width Modulation

This article introduces what is PWM, pulse width modulation such as its theory, applications and more.

What is the Difference Between AC and DC Power

This article shares about the differences about AC power and DC power in voltage, current flow and practical applications.

How to Maintain a Variable Frequency Drive

It shares 10 important tips about how to maintain a variable frequency drive.

Application of SF81 Using on Injection Molding Machine Control System

It shows the advantages, control working principle and more of Veichi SF81 VFD when it has been used in injection molding machine control system.

Application of Veichi AC80 on Sand Saw

Veichi AC80 VFD can be used on sand saw to improve the board quality and production efficiency while reducing energy consumption and costs. AC80 VFD can ensure safety and reduce network load during operation of sand saw.

Wholesale Frequency Converter 50Hz to 60Hz

This article lists some wholesale 50Hz to 60Hz frequency converters manufactured by Veichi and tells why people search frequency converter with 50Hz and 60Hz.

How to Install and Replace the VFD Cooling Fan

It tells about how to maintain the VFD cooling fan or cooling system. Follow the tips here, you can quickly demount the cooling fan for cleaning or replace it with a new one.

Pump VFD or VSD for Constant Pressure Water Supply System

It shares the pump VFD which is widely used in constant pressure water supply system, and the energy-saving principle of VSD pumps.

Application of Veichi AC60Q on Ball Milling Machine

This article shows the professional solution that Veichi AC60Q provided to ball milling machines in ceramic industry.

Application of Veichi AC90 Frequency Inverter on Dye Jigger

Veichi AC90 has been used in textile industry for controlling the sizing machine. It effectively enhances the productivity and reduces the maintain cost.

Application Case of AC80 Rotary Lathe Control System

Veichi AC80 provides professional system control solution to rotary lathe with improved peeling efficiency and accuracy.

Application of VEICHI AC100 in Oilfield Pumping Unit

It shows the professional solution of VEICHI AC100 VFD when it is using on oil pumping unit.