VEICHI and Shakti Hand in Hand to Develop the Indian Market

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On December 9th, 2016, the biggest solar water pump supplier in India – Shakti Pumps (I) Ltd. came to participate in the Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park Opening Ceremony and Business Partner Conference.

On the ceremony, Dinesh, the boss of the Shakti Pumps, Pareek, the purchasing director of the Shakti Pumps, and Mr. Song intimately exchanged their viewpoints upon the Indian solar energy market conditions and prospects in warm atmosphere. As for the Indian market, Veichi Electric is always adhering to the 3-years development strategy, and Veichi is confident that it can get a good share in Indian solar energy product market because of its high quality products and complete market arrangements. Currently, Shakti Pumps and Veichi Electric have already reached a consensus on the Indian market development plan, and they will become into strategic partners.

dinesh mr song

On the Business Partner Conference, Shakti Pumps has received the Best 10-Years Strategic Partner Award. As the biggest partner of Veichi in India and the most influential enterprise in Indian solar energy product market, Shakti Pumps fully deserves this award.

Currently, Shakti Pumps has become into India’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient solar water pump that it is the cooperative partner of India government in solar energy area, and Veichi has already been noted as the No.3 supplier of electric drives, industrial control and green energy products, so both of us believe that the mutual cooperation between two strong enterprises will generate win-win situations.

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