VEICHI Attended the Exhibition of REI 2018 in New Delhi, India

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September 18-20, Beijing time, the 2018 Indian Renewable Energy Exhibition was held in New Delhi, India. The Renewable Energy Exhibition (REI) is a communication platform for new energy technologies such as solar energy, wind energy and power energy conservation. Its purpose is to promote the development and research of green energy such as wind energy and solar energy in daily life, so as to accelerate India. Development and learning of renewable energy technologies. With the support of the government, the Renewable Energy Exhibition in India has attracted many investors in the energy industry and is an excellent platform for companies to expand into the new energy market in India.

VEICHI is one of the top-level product and service providers of AC motor drive, industrial automation control, renewable energy and so forth. It is much honored to be invited to participate in this exhibition.

At the exhibition site, the VEICHI team answered the on-site customers carefully and discussed the PV pump solutions and the agricultural IOT system with the customers.

The VEICHI booth attracted many customers with its excellent products.

In recent years, the national policy has strongly supported the new energy photovoltaics. Under the influence of the “One Belt and One Road”, the market of the photovoltaic industry has gradually expanded. The “One Belt, One Road” scope is just in the traditional market of VEICHI, and has great help of VEICHI.

At the exhibition, VEICHI reliable product quality, excellent service system, professional product solutions and all-round strategic thinking were perfectly interpreted by the excellent team at the scene.

In the future, VEICHI will continue to adhere to the principle of quality first, to provide customers with the best products and services.

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