Going forward with seeking knowledge and growing together with AC300

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From warm as spring to rain and snow 

After a year and a half, in early December 2018, I once again stepped on this land in Suzhou, from the warm Shenzhen to the cold Suzhou. Although I was so excited, my body was still very honest and shivering.

The job here is to complete the test of the AC300 high-power machine. Speaking of AC300, it is one of the main series of VEICHI inverter products, both now and in the future. Knowing its importance, I am even more afraid to slow down this work.

From small power and small volume to today's high power, the AC300 has not only changed its volume, but also increased its weight. With its “growth”, I also slowly grew up in my work. This special relationship has caused me to be full of it. I look forward to it and I am full of confidence in my future work.

It coincides with the rebuilding of the laboratory, and catching up with the two snowfalls in Suzhou. The temperature plummeted and the heating facilities were imperfect. I was trembling from time to time in the experimental area, feeling the cool sheet metal casing and seeing the snow fluttering outside. The beauty, as if going back to the Northeast, I thought, if the snow is bigger, I really want to find a few colleagues to play snowballs or come to the snow football. I just think about it, look at the AC300 in front of me, pick up a hand, drink a cup of hot tea  and warm up the body, continue to pick up the sleeves and try to do.

Every day, I have an important job, that to do a variety of tests for the AC300. Because the machine is very heavy and heavy, and I can't lift it, so I found some helpers, and brought a tool to do the machine temperature rise test, during the test, I found that the board temperature rise is very high, in order to solve it in the bud of the problem, I immediately found the project team to feedback my test results, after everyone's discussion and research, our group decided to implement the final solution by me.

Collect wire and heat shrink tubing and other accessories around, and then sit on the foam for operation. After all day, all the extension cords are finally connected, and the power board is fixed at the desired position with white glue. Looking at the hand-made scene, although not very beautiful, I really hope that my efforts will bring good results. Look at the time, it is already 11 o'clock in the evening, plus white glue needs time to coagulate, so I decided to go back to rest. Tomorrow, I will bring people who are far more than my weight to lift up and do the temperature rise experiment.

I have been busy for a day, dragging my tired body and expecting a feeling, and fell asleep when I went to bed! The next morning, after a simple wash, put on the overalls and walked to the test area. Because the machine was really big, I invited several passing colleagues to lift the machine together. One, two, three, up! With a loud snoring, the machine stood up; connected, powered, with the contactor sucking, the machine turned, and at this time, I was staring at the temperature rise. After a few hours, the temperature rise is a little stable, and the temperature rise data is sorted out. The cabin temperature is lowered by 20 °C, and the original temperature rise of the power board is also reduced by about 20 °C, which meets the requirements. Suddenly, my heart was solid. At this time, I know that this effort is rewarding. The efforts of these days have not been in vain.....

In the following days, the temperature rise, short circuit, overcurrent, overload and other items of the AC300 high power machine were continuously tested every day. Even though the process is very bitter and boring, the result always makes me full of pleasure and satisfaction. After working hard overtime and ensuring the quality of the test and ensuring the reliability of the machine, I successfully completed the AC300 high-power test in advance. The task is also recognized by the project team. In the process, I also became more familiar with the working environment and related equipment in Suzhou, paving the way for the subsequent testing work in Suzhou.

A few days ago, I passed the company's delivery area and saw that the AC300 high-powered machine was being shipped in batches. I was very happy because I personally witnessed it from scratch and grew up with it. After this period of tempering, I firmly believe that the solution is always more than the problem. If you find the problem, you have to think about how to solve the problem, instead of complaining about the problem and doubting yourself. I also believe that efforts are not necessarily successful, but they will never succeed without hard work.

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