11.11 VEICHI Carnival---AC310 Series Inverter Perfectly Drives Synchronous Reluctance Motor

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1. Synchronous reluctance motor introduction

Synchronous reluctance motor, also known as "reactive synchronous motor", is an AC motor that uses sinusoidal power supply and has the same stator structure as a conventional asynchronous motor stator. The rotor structure is special only silicon steel sheet, and does not contain permanent magnets or field windings. The rotor structure is divided into two types: axial lamination rotor and punch lamination rotor according to different processing techniques.

2. Synchronous reluctance motor advantage

Motor type Rotor structure Synchronous reluctance motor advantage
Synchronous reluctance motor Silicon steel sheet 1. No permanent magnets, the cost is much lower than the synchronous machine, and even lower than the asynchronous machine;
2. No permanent magnet, no high temperature loss of magnetism, rotor is silicon steel sheet, no loss (asynchronous upper rotor loss);                        
3. The synchronous reluctance motor is a synchronous motor and there is no slip;
Asynchronous motor Squirrel cage winding
Synchronous motor Permanent magnets


In summary: the synchronous reluctance motor has the advantages of simple structure, sturdy and durable, low cost and high efficiency. It can improve the efficiency of the motor without increasing the cost of the motor, and has great potential for development in response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction. 

Synchronous reluctance motor rotor structure                                        Asynchronous motor squirrel cage rotor structure  

 Synchronous machine salient rotor structure diagram

3. VEICHI AC310 series inverters perfectly drive synchronous reluctance motors

In combination with the characteristics of synchronous reluctance motors, we use the world's leading algorithms to conduct in-depth research on driving synchronous reluctance motors on the latest high-performance vector platforms. The successful experimental data of the laboratory and the high recognition of the AC310 driving synchronous reluctance by the terminal customers indicate that VEICHI has made a major breakthrough.

4. AC310 series inverter drive advantage

Our AC310 series inverter drives synchronous reluctance motor with excellent control performance:

1. Open loop torque response <20ms, steady speed accuracy 0.2%;

2. The low frequency torque is large, and the rated 150-180% torque can be output at 0.5HZ;

3. High performance, high stability, high precision, synchronous reluctance motor drive technology to handle the international leading level;

Excellent overcurrent suppression

 Excellent overpressure suppression

4. Summary

AC310 series inverters have achieved great success in driving synchronous reluctance motors. With synchronous reluctance motors, energy efficiency can be brought to IE4 and above, which has been fully recognized by customers in the motor industry. The drive of Synaptic AC310 series inverters for synchronous reluctance motors not only caters to the development of technological innovation, but also bears the mission of “smart manufacturing”, which brings the gospel to the progress of the industrial control industry. In the future, VEICHI will work hand in hand with you; now, VEICHI will be with you to welcome the double eleven carnival!

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