VM7 Series Servo Motor
  • VM7 Series Servo Motor

VM7 Series Servo Motor

High speed up to 6000rpm;
3-4 times overload capacity;
Reduce volume by more than 20%;
Protection level IP65;

VM7 Series Servo Motor Overview

VEICHI VM7 Series Servo Motor is used together with the newly upgraded SD700 servo driver. Excellent performance design enables our motors to be widely used in various industrial fields, such as machine tools, packaging industry, industrial robots, and so on.

VM7 servo motor——Fast, accurate, and powerful

  1. High-resolution encoder.
  2. The high speed can reach 6000rpm.
  3. Low noise and low vibration.
  4. The heat dissipation is faster and the temperature distribution is more uniform.
  5. High reliability and high stability.
  6. 3~4 times overload capacity.
  7. The volume is reduced by more than 20%.
  8. Protection grade IP65.

High-resolution encoder, more accurate positioning

  1. Standard 24Bit absolute value encoder.
  2. The open design of the motor shaft end can be equipped with a variety of encoders, providing customers with multiple options.

Use high-quality raw materials to ensure motor performance

  1. The stator punching piece and the rotor punching piece are made of Japanese Kawasaki high brand silicon steel sheet, which has a high magnetic load and minimizes sticking loss.
  2. The use of ultra-high intrinsic coercivity permanent magnets has a high resistance to demagnetization.

Special internal design to improve motor performance

  1. Optimized design of rotor with 10 stages.
  2. Optimized design of stator with 12 slots.
  3. Special cogging design can effectively suppress the cogging effect.

Higher motor performance to meet a wide range of field applications

  1. Maximum speed can reach 6000rpm.
  2. Up to 3~4 times the overload capacity.
  3. Low vibration, low noise, high reliability, and high stability.

Optimized design of the motor structure, strong environmental adaptability

  1. Motor heat dissipation optimization design.
  2. The full rate of the electrolytic cell is high, the winding diameter is large, the resistance is low, the heat is low, and the heat generation is reduced by 20%.
  3. The protection grade is IP65, which greatly improves the environmental resistance.

Adopt brand-new manufacturing technology, optimize magnetic circuit design, reduce magnetic loss, and realize high dynamic response characteristics of the motor. Small size and lightweight, the motor volume is reduced by more than 20% compared with previous products.

Industrial Applications for VM7 Series Servo Motor 

Applications:Electronic manufacturing equipment, numerical control equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, plastic machinery and glass equipment, testing equipment, etc.


Item Specifications

Min.: 0.1 kW (0.136 hp)

Max.: 250 kW (339.905 hp)


Min.: 0.32 Nm (0.236 ft.lb)

Max.: 47.7 Nm (35.1817 ft.lb)

Rotational speed

Min.: 1,500 rpm (9,424.78 rad.min-1)

Max.: 3,000 rpm (18,849.56 rad.min-1)

AC/DC single-phase, three-phase
Type synchronous
Voltage 230V, 240V, 220 V, 400V, 380 V
Protection class IP67
Configuration with brake, permanent magnet, hollow-shaft, frameless, small, pancake type, compact
Number of poles 10-pole, 8-pole
Cooling mechanism air-cooled, water-cooled
Other characteristics CNC, performance, closed-loop, CANopen, EtherCAT, maintenance-free, programmable, integrated-drive, motion control
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