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VEICHI SI30 series solar pump inverter with IP65 protection, high environment adaptability, easy to install. With high-efficiency MPPT function, it operates automatically as the sunlight changes. There is no cost after one-time investment in the early stage and the maintenance is simple.

Site Introduction

There is a 1.1KW fountain pump on site, which is powered by 6 X 285W solar panels and driven by SI30-D3-2R2G. In the morning and evening when the light conditions are not very good, the output voltage is adjusted by MPPT to ensure the stable operation of the pump, and the average daily operation time can reach 8 hours.

Site 1

Location:Zhejiang, China

Date:July. 2020


Rated Power: 0.75KW 1HP
Rated Voltage: AC110V 3 PHASE

Solar pump inverter:

Model: SI30-D1-1R5G
Rated Power: 1.5KW
Rated Output Voltage: AC220V 3 PHASE
DC input range: 150~400VDC

Solar panel:

Rated power: 265W
Vmp: 30.60V
Voc: 37.32V
parallel: 6
Series: 1
Total Power: 1590W
Total Vmp: 183.6V
Total Voc: 223.92V


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Contact Us

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