Desert management


Solar desert ecological power station is the most important mode of sand control. Its biggest feature is the combination of solar irrigation system desert control, water-saving agriculture. The power station is surrounded by a shelterbelt system composed of grass squares and sand fixing forests, water-saving drip irrigation facilities are installed under solar panels, and green cash crops are planted, so as to achieve win-win economic and ecological benefits.

Site 1


Date:January. 2020


Rated Power: 55KW 100HP
Rated Voltage: AC380V 3 PHASE
Rated Current: 110A

solar pump inverter

Model: SI23-T3-075G-A
Rated Power: 75KW
Rated Output Voltage: AC380V 3 PHASE
Rated Current: 150A
DC input range: 350~800VDC

Solar panel:

Rated power: 275W
Vmp: 30.80V
Voc: 38.52V
parallel: 14
Series: 19
Total Power: 73150W
Total Vmp: 554.4V
Total Voc: 693.36V


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