SD500 spindle servo drive
  • SD500 spindle servo drive

SD500 spindle servo drive

Accurate speed, position control, positioning accuracy of ±1 pulse
Powerful self-learning function
Multi-stage quasi-stop position, rigid tapping error ±2%
One-point setting at zero position, easy to operate
SD500 is a new generation of high-performance spindle servo drive: standard double encoder interface can realize full-closed servo control of spindle motor, integrating speed control, position control and torque control; loop parameter self-tuning, optimization parameters; Set quasi-stop point, convenient operation; precise speed regulation, high frequency torque, strong load response capability, fast acceleration and deceleration capability, wide speed range, precise position control and enhanced product environmental adaptability and customization and industrialization Designed to provide an excellent drive solution for machine tool spindles.



power supply

Voltage frequency

Three phases: 380V ~ 440V, 50/60Hz

Allow fluctuations

Voltage imbalance rate: <3%; Frequency: ±5%; Distortion rate meets IEC61800-2 requirements

Closing surge current

Less than rated current

Power factor

≥0.94 (with DC reactor)

Frequency converter efficiency



The output voltage

Output under rated conditions: three-phase 380 ~ 440V, error less than 5%

Output speed range

4-pole motor 0 to 18000 rpm; 0 to 600 Hz

Main control performance

Motor control mode

Sinusoidal PWM modulation, full closed loop vector control

Speed control range


Steady state speed accuracy

≤0.05% rated synchronous speed

Starting torque

200% rated torque at 0 Hz

Torque response


Speed control accuracy


Position control accuracy


Overload capability

200% rated current 20S

nput and output interface

Digital input

7-channel optocoupler isolated input, input mode NPN, PNP optional

Digital output

2-way optocoupler isolated output

Analog input

2 way: -10V~+10V, 0~10V, 0~20mA optional

Analog output

1 way: 0~10V, 0~20mA optional

Relay output

2 way: two sets of normally open normally closed contacts

Encoder input interface

2 way: motor encoder 1 way; spindle encoder 1 way

Encoder output interface

1 way: crossover output

Pulse input interface

1 way: quadrature pulse / direction + pulse / CW + CCW

Bus interface


Spindle function

speed control


Quasi-stop control

±1pulse accuracy; 8 positions can be selected with terminals

Rigid tapping

Can interface with a variety of imported domestic systems, tapping error 2%

other functions

C-axis control, thread cutting, electronic gear, reaming, zero speed locking

Protective function

Overvoltage, undervoltage, current limiting, overcurrent, overload, electronic thermal relay, overheating, overvoltage stall, data protection, fast protection, input and output phase loss protection


Installation place

The altitude is less than 1000 meters, and the derating is more than 1000 meters. The derating is 1% for every 100 meters.

No condensation, icing, rain, snow, sputum, etc., solar radiation is less than 700W/m2, air pressure 70~106kPa

temperature humidity

-10 ~ +50°C, derating can be used above 40 °C, the maximum temperature is 60 °C (no-load operation)

5% ~ 95%RH(No condensation)


 when 9~200Hz,5.9m/s2(0.6g)

Storage temperature

-30 ~ +60℃

Installation method

Wall-mounted, closet

Protection level


cooling method

Forced air cooling