AC200-L Super-low frequency torque
  • AC200-L Super-low frequency torque

AC200-L Super-low frequency torque

High shock-resistant design to easily deal with the vibration of wire drawing machine;
Super-low frequency torque & fast dynamic response performance & ultra-stable steady speed accuracy;
Unique tension control algorithm & fast response to make the tension reach steady state instantly;
All tension algorithms are integrated into the drive, eliminating the need for a peripheral control circuit;

1. High Protective Structure Design

(1). Independent duct design to effectively resist metal dust;
(2). PCBs are all thickened with tri-proof paint;
(3). High shock-resistant design;

High Protective Structure Design of AC200-L

2. Drawing Machine Professional Processing

(1). Built-in multiple sets of drawing machine parameters could be directly set to the water tank drawing host machine or slave machine, without having to set the    parameters one by one;
(2). The full power section adopts vector control to perfectly control the current, and it can also start normally with a load at low voltage;

Drawing Machine Professional Processing

3. Stable and Reliable Tension Control

The tension is composed of the roll diameter calculation and the tension PID. The winding frequency inverter calculates the roll diameter in real time according to the feedforward signal and the current rolling frequency, it corrects the speed ratio of the master and slave through the roll diameter, and reduces PID adjustment amount  to keep the system operate more stably

Stable and Reliable Tension Control Of AC200-L

4. Comprehensive Software Function

(1). Compact system: only simple circuits of the frequency inverter can realize all the electrical control requirements of the wire drawing machine without the need of an  external controller;
(2). Smooth start: start logic control and roll diameter calculation function to ensure smooth start under any coil diameter;
(3). Control stability: four groups of PID parameters can ensure the stability of the entire swing control;
(4). Blackout detection: could set the software to automatically detect or external input disconnection signal to ensure system stability;

5. VEICHI Drawing Machine System Diagram

(1). Drawing machine diagram of passive pay-off, constant tension wire;
(2). drawing and variable-frequency control;

VEICHI Drawing Machine System Diagram Of AC200-L

(3). Drawing machine diagram of active pay-off, constant tension wire drawing and variable-frequency control;

drawing and variable-frequency control