SIT100K PV Grid-Connected Inverter
  • SIT100K PV Grid-Connected Inverter

SIT100K PV Grid-Connected Inverter

High MPPT efficiency which is above 99%.
Adaptable to various kinds of application occassions.
Humanized design with intuitive user interface, smart menu which makes it very easy to use.
Low noise design, grid-friendly.

1. Veichi SIT100 is designed with the latest T-type three level structure that the energy loss is effectively decreased and the output power is maximized.

2. Its MPPT efficiency (learn what is MPPT) is more than 99%, so the power conversion efficiency is higher than other similar products.

3. Designed with capacitive touch screen , user-friendly interface and etc., SIT100 PV inverter is very simple for users to operate and maintain.

4. Adopts the latest DSPTMS CPU, PID control algorithm and more, SIT100K features rapid response speed, precision control, prominent output performance, low distortion rate.

5. It is available for working in various kinds of environment that its normal working temperature is within -25°C to +55°C. It can also be optimized to work under -35°C environment with a heater.

6. SIT100 is grid-friendly that it can work normally under severe grid environment.

7. All its components are of international well-known brands.