QT02 Integrated Tower Crane Drive
  • QT02 Integrated Tower Crane Drive

QT02 Integrated Tower Crane Drive

Enable the tower crane work more safely, reliably and efficiently.
Reduce machine wear and prolong the service life of tower crane.
High performance tower crane driver with rich functions and best price.
Easy in operation and maintenance.

QT02 Integrated Tower Crane Drive Overview

QT tower crane integrated drive is a mid-to-high-end model designed for intelligent modularization and lightweight design for tower crane electronic control requirements. It integrates the frequency conversion control unit, logic control unit, and black box monitoring unit (extension) of the lifting, slewing, and luffing mechanism. It can improve the safety and stability of the tower crane and solve the problems of equipment maintenance difficulties. Provide customers with a high-performance, complete tower crane system solution.

1. Modular Design, Integrated with Five Core Units

VEICHI QT series tower crane control system has specially developed with modular design: the lifting, slewing and luffing control module run independently without interference. Besides, it has been integrated with IOT control unit.

1) Lifting control unit:

  • It adopts open loop vector control, closed loop vector control and V/F control mode.
  • It is capable of running for a long time, braking at zero speed and running smoothly without shaking. By using QT series, it extends the service life of tower crane's components such as transmission mechanism, steel wire rope and more parts. Meanwhile, it effectively improves the safety of tower crane.
  • Strong adaptability to power grid: at low voltage, it can maintain constant output torque.
  • Improved working efficiency: automatically start high speed status when the crane is in light load.
  • Developed with dedicated brake logic timing control and dual redundant brake control, it is more safe and reliable.
  • In closed loop mode, it has stall protection function, zero servo hovering function and anti-slip hook subsidiary protection, so it makes tower crane work with improved reliability.
  • high speed at light load

2) Slewing control unit:

  • QT02 tower crane inverter adopts flexible torque control that it features powerful jog, fast response, steady running without rebound.
  • It can adapt to various kinds of motor control such as vortex motor rigid connection, the fluid coupling soft connection and torque motor rigid connection.
  • The built-in vortex controller adopts PWM pulse width modulation that it can adjust the output voltage in real time according to the running frequency. Comparing with conventional eddy current voltage regulator module, it is of more outstanding performance.
  • It makes the gear convert stably and fluently without pause phenomenon.

3) Luffing unit:

Developed with anti-swing function, it makes easy in hooking.

anti-swing function

4) IOT remote control unit:

  • Through remote monitoring module, it can achieve online monitoring and remote fault diagnosis.
  • Remotely monitor the tower crane to check whether it’s overweight, illegally operated and more in order to prevent accidents from happening.

2. Complete Protection Functions

It includes overweight, super torque, spacing limit, over current, overvoltage, under voltage, loss phase, short circuit protection and more protection functions.

3. User-friendly and Water-proof Design

QT series have been designed with clear LED indication and silkscreen in all the main order, spacing limit, emergency stop, and safe feedback signals and etc. It is very easy for engineers to operate and maintain. Besides, it is of outdoor waterproof design with IP25 protection class.

Industrial Applications for QT02 Integrated Tower Crane Drive

Applications:Tower crane


Low power        
Specification model Types Adapted motor power Rated voltage Rated current
QT63-030/015/004 Rise 22/24KW Three phase 60
Turn around 3.7KW*2/5.5KW 380V 32
Luffing 4KW   10
QT80-037/015/004 Rise 30KW   75
Turn around 3.7KW*2/5.5KW*2   32
Luffing 4KW   10
QT100-045/015/5R5 Rise 37KW   90
Turn around 5.5KW*2   32
Luffing 5.5KW   12
Medium and high power        
Specification model Types Adapted motor power Rated voltage Rated current
QT160-055/018/7R5 Rise 45KW Three phase 110
Turn around 5.5KW*2 380V 36
Luffing 5.5KW   15
QT250-075/022/011 Rise 55KW/60KW   150
Turn around 5.5KW*3   45
Luffing 7.5KW   22
QT315-090/022/011 Rise 75KW   180
Turn around 5.5KW*3   45
Luffing 7.5KW   22


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