PLC System
  • PLC System

PLC System

High-speed computing and data processing
Extend multiple I/O modules
Larger storage space
Support multiple communication methods

VE series PLC---high-performance automation control overall solution

  1. High-speed calculation and data processing;
  2. Expand multiple I/O modules;
  3. Larger user storage space;
  4. Support multiple communication methods;
  5. Power failure protection;
  6. It has a high-speed processor chip;
  7. Fast and precise operation sequence and process control;
  8. Compact structure;

Rich models provide more choices

  1. Provides different types of CPU modules with rich I/O points to meet the control needs of most small automation equipment.
  2. In addition, the CPU module is equipped with standard and economical models for users to choose from. For different application requirements, the product configuration is more flexible, and the cost is controlled to the greatest extent.

Option expansion, precise customization

The novel signal board design can expand the communication port, digital quantity channel, and analog quantity channel. On the premise of not occupying additional space in the electric control cabinet, the signal board expansion can more closely fit the user's actual configuration, improve the utilization rate of the product, and reduce the user's expansion cost.

High-speed chip with excellent performance

Advanced technology, real-time response

  1. 4 or 6 independent hardware counters, 30 kHz each, 2 x 200 kHz with CPU 224 XP.
  2. 2 timed interrupts, starting at 1ms and adjusting in 1ms increments.
  3. Fast analog input-signal conversion with 25 μs, 12-bit resolution.Powerful, fast and accurate

Powerful, fast and accurate

  1. Integrated RS-485 interface or used as a system bus.
  2. Extremely fast and precise operation sequence and process control.
  3. PID auto-tuning function.
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