V5-MC104 Motion Controller
  • V5-MC104 Motion Controller

V5-MC104 Motion Controller

Support multiple programming languages
Support a variety of communication modes
Support 16-axis synchronous motion; control cycle is within 1ms
Adopt a multi-axis closed-loop high-speed pulse acquisition interface

VEICHI V5-MC104 motion controller has a multi-axis closed-loop high-speed pulse acquisition interface that can achieve relative or absolute high-precision position control. The programming environment supports multiple programming languages and the interior is integrated with a large number of industrial function modules for users to call at any time. In addition, the controller supports numerous communication modes, which can provide users with high-speed, high-precision, high-efficiency solutions.

VEICHI motion controller

I. Main Features

1. Provide low-cost I / O module program with the can bus.
2. With encryption chip design, the motion controller ensure users' software security.
3. Support remote diagnosis and analysis via Ethernet.
4. Support serial port or network port to achieve human-computer interaction.
5. Support multi-axis interpolation motion, point motion, Jog motion and electronic gear / cam motion.
6. Support multiple V5-MC104 controllers' synchronization.
7. Support ladder diagram, instruction table, sequence function diagram, G code, etc.
8. Embedded a large number of industrial function instructions such as winding, chasing shear, flying shear, packaging and other industrial function blocks, so that the application becomes very simple.
9. Integrated circular space interpolation, linear interpolation, synchronous follow, electronic cam, full closed-loop control, multi-axis motion control and other functional blocks that can be applied when calling.
10. Integrated CAN, Ethernet, MODBUS, RS232, USB and other communication modes.  
11. Support relative coordinates, absolute coordinates and coordinate offset.
12. Extensible 4-channel AD, 2-channel DA interface.
13. Extensible input and output interfaces
14. Support USB HOST interface, file copy and system upgrades.

structure of motion controller.png

II. Product Advantages

Support 16-axis synchronous motion, and the control cycle can be controlled within 1ms.
1. Easy for axis and I / O module configuration
2. Powerful I / O management functions can meet the requirements of system logic control.
3. Modularization thought and convenient function module packaging.
4. Excellent inheritability helps to shorten the project development cycle.
5. Perfect library file system
6. Users can choose the following four programming modes according to their own habits:
    Instruction  List(IL)
    Sequential  Function  Chart(SFC)
    Ladder  Diagram(LD)


Software Platform

1. Support ladder diagram, instruction table, sequence function diagram, G code.
2. Support remote network access and maintenance.
3. Multi-encryption function to ensure user intellectual property rights.
4. Support network variables for multi-robot coordination control.

Software Features

Product series

V5-MC104 motion controller

Program running mode

Adopt scan mode that can be set to fixed cycle scan, internal event trigger and external    event trigger.

Debugging function

Support online debugging and online simulation debugging

Online help function

Users can quickly find help through detailed online help function.

Function module development

Users can easily carry out a variety of modular encapsulation for shift and reuse of the program.

Software encryption function

Main program encryption, subroutine encryption, upload and download function encryption, user self-encapsulation function module encryption...

Remote diagnostic function

Users can remotely log on to the target machine via Ethernet and perform online modification, debugging and operation of programs to realize diagnosis and maintenance of the machine.

Simulation function

Users can perform simulation running and debugging

Control mode

Motion control, logic control

Image processing function

Connected to the CCD to ensure processing accuracy through visual positioning

Compensation function

Own a backlash compensation function

Hardware Platform

Product series

V5-MC104 motion controller

CPU clock speed




Display interface

RS422, network port


1 × USB2.0

COM port

1×RS-232, 2×RS-48, 1×RS-422 


1×10M/100M adaptive

Pulse signal

Differential pulse, 4MHz

Encoder signal


AD interface

12bit × 2

Digital IO

22 input, 14 output


Control cycle: 1ms

Field bus


Extended functions

Extensible I / O modules, axis modules

Power requirements

+24V±10%, Icc=3A 

Motion control function

1. Point motion

2. JOG

3. Electronic gear

4. Electronic cam

5. 2, 3 linear interpolation

6. Three-plane circular interpolation

7. Position comparison output

8. Backlash compensation 

Operating temperature

0 ~ 55 ℃

Operating humidity

5%~90% without condensation

Controller dimension

155mm × 76mm × 110mm

Remote IO module

V5-MC104 has a powerful motion control function that can offer a wide range of digital input and output modules, analog input and output modules, thermocouple input module, relay output module and other IO modules. It can be extended to 200 IO points to meet all kinds  of industrial applications of logic control and a variety of signal input and output functional requirements.