EHS100 Integrated Hydraulic Servo
  • EHS100 Integrated Hydraulic Servo

EHS100 Integrated Hydraulic Servo

Integrated control, power, brake function;
No need for self-learning, power on;
Designed for mechanical high frequency vibration;
Double independent air duct, IP56 fan;

EHS100 integrated servo

  1. Integration: Integrated control, power, and brake functions.
  2. No debugging: No need for self-learning, just use it when power on.
  3. Anti-vibration: designed for mechanical high-frequency vibration.
  4. High protection: double independent air ducts, IP56 fan.

The future has come

A new generation of integrated servo products, combining control, power, and braking into one. Simplify installation lines, reduce bridges, wire slots, connectors, and line nodes, reduce equipment complexity, increase space utilization, and increase installation efficiency by more than 5 times.

Subversion begins

  1. Subvert the traditional installation method: There is no need to control the electric cabinet, and the original motor installation method is not changed. It saves space while improving production efficiency, reducing the probability of production errors and the cost of error correction.
  2. Less radiation and distributed capacitance: Internal wiring helps improve the EMC electromagnetic compatibility of the system, greatly reduces interference, and ensures the stable operation of the system.

Easy to use

  1. The essence of technology is to provide better services: It is not an upgrade process, but an iteration. What changes is not the product, but the thinking.
  2. Integrated brake function: The whole system has built-in brakes and brake resistors, eliminating the work of selecting and installing wiring, completely avoiding faults and damage caused by incorrect selection or improper selection of components.

Intelligent temperature control

70,000 hours of the long-life fan (IP65 protection), combined with multi-point temperature detection, intelligent control of fan operation, low load, and long standby conditions are particularly obvious.

New experience

  1. AC300V-AC450V wide power input: The ultra-wide AC input voltage range can calmly deal with various grid environments and improve the equipment's adaptability under extreme working conditions.
  2. IPM permanent magnet synchronous power design: IPM built-in magnetic steel design, low-temperature rise, fast response.
  3. Strong overload: The weak magnetic algorithm, more than 2 times the torque, can easily cope with overload and overspeed conditions.

Powerful kernel

  1. Multi-unit control: Multiple joint control modes such as synchronization, follow, superimpose, and intelligent tracking are available.
  2. Multiple signals are given: Analog quantity, communication, internal, terminal multi-speed.
  3. The movable keyboard can be extended, can be installed independently: The keyboard adopts an RJ45 network cable interface and supports hot-swap. It can be extended long distances and can be installed independently with a bracket.


Project Specification
Power input Voltage and frequency Three-phase 380V 50/60HZ
Allowable fluctuation range Voltage: ±15%; frequency fluctuation: ±5%
Distortion rate: meet the requirements of IEC 61800-2
Closing impulse current Less than rated current
Drive efficiency ≥96%
Power Factor ≥0.94(With DC reactor)
Output The output voltage Output under rated conditions: 3-phase, 0~input voltage, error less than 5%
Output frequency range Maximum output frequency: 320HZ
Output speed accuracy ±0.1%
Overload capacity 150% rated current 60s, 180% rated current 5s, maximum 2.5 times
Modulation SVPWM
Carrier frequency range 2.0~8.0kHz(Model determination)
Digital setting: maximum speed×±0.01%
Analog setting: maximum frequency×±0.2%
Speed resolution Digital setting: 1rpm
Analog setting: maximum speed×0.05%
Acceleration and deceleration curve Linear acceleration and deceleration, S curve acceleration and deceleration
Automatic energy saving operation According to the load condition, the output voltage is automatically optimized to realize energy-saving operation
Automatic current limit Automatically limit the current during operation to prevent frequent over-current fault trips
Standard function Oil pressure closed loop control, speed control, RS485, analog output
Speed setting channel Keyboard digital setting, analog voltage/current terminal AI1, analog voltage/current terminal AI2, analog voltage/current terminal P-AI, communication setting and multi-channel terminal selection, combination of main and auxiliary channels
Feedback input channel Voltage/current terminal AI1, voltage/current terminal AI2, voltage/current terminal P-AI, communication setting
Run command channel Operation panel setting, external terminal setting, communication setting
Input command signal Start, stop, forward and reverse rotation, jog, multi-speed, free stop, reset, acceleration and deceleration time selection, speed setting channel selection, external fault alarm
External output signal 2 relay outputs; 1 transistor output; 2 analog outputs, voltage output range: 0~10V/0~10V, current output range: 0~20mA/0~20mA
Protective function Overvoltage, undervoltage, current limit, overcurrent, overload, overheating, data protection
Keyboard display LED display Single line 5-digit digital tube display Can monitor 1 status
Status monitoring Pressure command, pressure feedback, speed setting, speed feedback, flow command, output current, output voltage, output torque, output power, bus voltage, module temperature, motor temperature, input terminal X connected state, output terminal Y connected Status etc.
Error alarm Self-learning abnormality, sensor feedback disconnection, motor overheating, driver overheating, encoder failure, communication failure, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit,Phase loss, overload, stall, current limit, data protection damaged, current fault operating status, historical fault
Surroundings Installation site Indoor, the altitude is not more than 1000m, no corrosive gas and direct sunlight
Temperature and humidity From -10°C to +40°C
20%—95%RH(No condensation)
vibration Less than 0.5g
Storage temperature From -25℃ to +60℃
Installation method Wall-mounted, vertical cabinet
Protection level IP20
cooling method Forced air cooling, liquid cooling


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