AC80T Tower Crane Lifting Purpose VFD
  • AC80T Tower Crane Lifting Purpose VFD

AC80T Tower Crane Lifting Purpose VFD

Advanced control modes like open loop vector control, closed loop vector control and V/F control.
Complete protection functions such as stalling, anti-slip hook and more protections.
Designed with simplified control circuit with stable and perfect working performance.

1. Structure

Combined inverter and braking module, no external brake unit required to build a tower crane control system.


2. Stall protection function

When the actual running speed is faster than 115% of rated speed, it will send out brake signal to realize emergency brake immediately.

3. Anti-slip hook protection

This feature will be activated instantly when the motor rotates but the inverter is in standby status. It is designed to provide maximum protection to the whole tower crane system.

4. Automatic accelerating function in light load status

By using AC80T, it can make tower crane lift at high speed in light load or empty hook status. It greatly improves the efficiency.

light-load accelerating function

5. Regular brake testing function

In the status of brake closed, press button to activate this feature. Please set the output torque to 180% of rated torque and check the motor speed. In this way, you can check whether the brake adjustment is appropriate or not.

6. Reserved the GPS/GPRS communication port

The port can be used for satellite positioning and remote control (based on the management platform). It supports remote locking and unlocking function.

7. Special logic brake control function

This function is achieved by the loose current frequency, brake release time, brake closing time and more. It ensures the safety and reliability of the whole system.