AC80S VFD for Construction Elevator
  • AC80S VFD for Construction Elevator

AC80S VFD for Construction Elevator

Easy in installation, operation and maintenance
Safe and reliable frequency inverter for controlling construction elevators
A wide range of fault protection functions to ensure stability and reliability
Help you decrease energy cost and elevator maintenance cost

Veichi AC80S, integrated with variable frequency inverter, brake module and status indicator, is specially designed for reforming the old construction elevator equipments according to the practical application conditions. It greatly decreases the transforming cost.

1. Structure

Beautiful and compact structure, small in size and easy in system maintenance.

2. Easy installation

It is easy in installation that you only need to install a driver and a brake resistor to finish theconstruction elevator control system transformation.

3. High controlling accuracy

AC80S makes the transformation of construction elevator system easy and convenient that there's no need to replace PCC and add position limiting device. It features high leveling accuracy and good speed regulating performance.

4. Clear status display

It is easy in maintenance that it can display the status of upper and lower limit, the input signal of rise and fall.

clear status display

5. Comfortness

Comfortable when the elevator is starting and stopping as there is no overshoot when upward and no weightlessness when download.

6. Braking unit

Braking resistance short-circuit protection: AC80S special construction elevator frequency converter is integrated with braking unit, so it has brake resistance short circuit protection function while traditional VFD doesn't have.

7. Prelong the service life of construction elevator

Run smoothly without shock. It reduces wear and tear of components, prolongs the service life of motor and brake.

8. High security and reliablity

AC80S adopts special logic brake sequential control that it is achieved by controlling the start frequency and current. It ensures the security and reliability of the construction elevator system.

9. Reduce of wear

It has zero-speed torque maintain function. Do not brake when forward/reverse with zero speed, reducing the wear of brake.

10. Zero dead zone compensation

During frequent operation, it has zero dead-zone compensation function, no vibration and downside phenomenon. It's suitable for working with worm gear speed reducer, gear reducer and so forth.





Power input

Voltage, frequency

Three phase 380V 50/60Hz

Allowable fluctuations

Voltage: 320V~440V; voltage unbalance rate 3%;
Frequency: ±5%; distotion rate: confirm to IEC61800-2.

Power factor

=0.94 (with DC reactor)




Output voltage

3 phase, 0~input voltage, tolerance less than 5%, in standard rating condition

Output frequency range


Output frequency accuracy

±0.5% of maximum frequency

Overload tolerance

150% rated current: 1min, 180% rated current: 10s, 200% rated current: 0.5s

Key control

Carrier frequency


Steady speed control accuracy

VC without PG: =1% rated synchronized speed

Starting torque

Flux VC without PG: 180% rated torque at 0.5Hz

Frequency accuracy

Digital input: maximum × ±0.01%
Analog input: maximum × ±0.2%

Frequency resolution

Digital input: 0.01Hz
Anolog input: maximum × 0.05%

Basic functions

DC braking

Starting frequency: 0.00~60.00Hz
Braking time:0.0~60.0s
Braking current: 0.0~150.0% rated current

Accel./Decel. curve

Two modes: line Accel./Decel. S curve Accel./Decel.;
Four sets Accel./Decel.  time unit: 0.01s, maximum: 650.00s.

AVR (Auto Voltage Regulation)

Auto voltage regulation for keeping output voltage stable when grid voltage fluctuation.

Auto current limit

Auto current limit during running mode to avoid trip occurs frequently.

Momentary power loss with no stop running function

Achieve continuous running through bus voltage control, when momentary power loss.

Frequency setting methods

Keypad digital setting, potentiometer of keypad, analog voltage terminal VS1, analog voltage terminal VS2, analog current terminal AS, communication given and multiple terminal, main and auxiliary composition setting.

Feedback input channel

Voltage terminal VS1, VS2, current terminal AS, communication given and pulse input PUL.

Running command channel

Keypad given, external terminal given, communication given.

Input command signal

Start, stop, FEW/REV, JOG, multiple speed, free stop, reset, Accel./Decel. Time selection, frequency setting channel selection, external fault alarm.

External output signal

1 relay output, 2 collector output, 0~10V output, 4~20mA output, frequency pulse output.

Protection function

Overvoltage, undervoltage, current limit, overcurrent, overload, electric thermal relay, overheat, overvoltage stall, data protection.


LED display

Double line 4 digital tube display

Can monitor the status of 2 VFD.

Parameter copy

Upload and download parameter code of inverter to achieve easy and fast parameter copy.

Monitor function

Output frequency, given frequency, output current, input voltage, output voltage, motor speed, PID feedback value, PID given value, module temperature, input/output terminal status.


Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, phase loss, overload, overheat, overvoltage stall, current limit, parameter lock damage; Fault running state at present; Fault history.


Installation site

Indoor, altitude =1000m, no corrosive gases and direct sunshine

Temperature, humidity

-10 ~ +40? (wall-mounted type)
20%~90%RH (no condensation)


=0.5g under 20Hz

Store temperatue


Installation type

Wall-mounted type

Protection grade


Cooling method

Forced air-cooling