ACH100 Medium Voltage Inverter
  • ACH100 Medium Voltage Inverter

ACH100 Medium Voltage Inverter

Well-known as perfect harmony inverter in electrical industry.
Running with stable performance, high efficiency and high precision control.
Adopts DSP+FPGA control method which ensures high data processing speed and logical operation speed.
Enhance your productivity and competitiveness.

ACH100 Medium Voltage Inverter Overview

VEICHI ACH100 series medium voltage inverter, featuring long-term stable operation, precise control, easy maintenance, high efficiency, simple operation and more advantages, effectively improves the running performance of industrial motors, pumps, fans and etc. By using ACH100, it can bring you a lot of benefits such as decreasing system maintenance cost, increasing productivity and more.

Professional structure

Its control system is composed of touch screen, programmable logic controller and mainboard serial structure, so it effectively reduces the data circulation, balances the data processing pressure of each module. As it adopts serial communication in data transmission, the anti-interference ability of the system has been greatly enhanced.

ACH100 components

Data processing and control accuracy

It adopts the latest components such as TI DSP F28335 and ALTERA FPGA, Veichi ACH100 stands out from our competitors’ products with powerful processing capability and high control accuracy.

Control system

It is designed with simplified control system reduces the number of external components and failure points.

Anti-interference ability

Optical fiber communication and opto-isolator guarantees the full isolation between weak current and strong current what protects the system against interference.

Low harmonic distortion

Because of using phase-shifting rectifier transformers, ACH100 do not bring obvious harmonic distortion to power grid.

Safe to replace filter

ACH100 is designed with compact structure and professional layout. Its unique filter design allows replacing filter cotton safely during the running process.

Power factor compensation

Input power factor is high than 0.96, with no need of power factor compensation equipment.

High working efficiency

The output current waveform is close to sine wave, harmonic distortion is less than 2%, output frequency is greater than 97%.


The fault diagnosis and protection function is complete so that the system can achieve long-term stable running.

Dual-power supply

Its control system is of dual-power supply what ensures the system do not lose power during the running status.


VEICHI ACH100 VFD drive is designed with intuitive user interface that it is easy to set parameters, check fault records and more.

Industrial Applications for ACH100 Medium Voltage Inverter

Applications:Fans and pumps, packaging machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, automated assembly lines, etc.


Serial number Parameter name Description Type of data Minimum Max Defaults
Power range 6kV 250kW~6300kW        
10kV 315kW~10000kW        
System parameters Power sensor changes Current Hall transformation ratio coefficient Numerical     2000
Motor rated current Nominal rated current of motor nameplate Numerical     45A
V/F curve coefficient Parabolic curvature, set according to load characteristics Numerical 0 1 0.4
reset When the system is shut down, the factory parameters can be restored to the default values. For example, the number 110 returns 1 to indicate that the parameters are restored successfully Numerical      
Torque boost Torque boost during low frequency operation Numerical 0 300V 100V
Start acceleration time The time required for the inverter to accelerate from 0HZ to the corner frequency Numerical 0 3200s 400s
Start acceleration time 2 The time required for the inverter to accelerate from the inflection point frequency to the rated frequency Numerical 0   400s
Acceleration time corner frequency Inflection point frequency of segmented acceleration Numerical 0 50Hz 10Hz
Stop deceleration time The time required for the inverter to decelerate from the rated frequency to stop Numerical 0 3200s 400s
Current display filter duration Current sampling filter time Numerical 10 100 100ms
Current display filter duration Current sampling filter time Numerical 10 100 100ms
Operating parameters Operating mode 1 means simulated operation, 0 means normal operation Boolean      
Frequency step Acceleration and deceleration step length during jog frequency modulation Numerical 0 50Hz 1Hz
  Voltage display adjustment Voltage display trimming coefficient Numerical 0 1 1
Current display adjustment Current display trimming coefficient Numerical 0 50 0Hz
Sensor range setting In closed-loop control, the sensor range used to collect feedback Numerical 0   1MP
Whether the fault is transferred to power frequency For the automatic bypass cabinet, if a fault occurs during the operation of the inverter, you can choose whether to automatically switch to power frequency operation Boolean 0 1 0
Parking method A value of 1 means free stop, a value of 0 means controlled stop Boolean 0 1 0
Excitation time setting High voltage, 380V reverse charging time Numerical 0 60s 30s
Protection parameters Overload duration 1 Overload protection delay time Numerical 0 10s 0s
Overload threshold 1 Overload protection factor Numerical 150 180 1.5
Overload duration 2 Overload protection delay time Numerical 0 500s 180s
Overload threshold 2 Overload protection factor Numerical 120 150 1.2
Overload duration 3 Overload protection delay time Numerical 0 1000s 600s
Overload threshold 3 Overload protection factor Numerical 110 120 1.1
Output overvoltage duration System output overvoltage delay protection time Numerical 0 100s 10s
Output overvoltage threshold System output overvoltage protection coefficient Numerical 0 130 1.3
Ud undervoltage threshold Bus undervoltage coefficient Numerical     0.76
Ud overvoltage threshold Bus overvoltage coefficient Numerical     1.35
PID parameters Proportional gain PID parameters   0 100 0.4
Integration time PID parameters   0.01 10 0.1ms
Derivative time PID parameters   0 10 0.0ms
Sampling time PID parameters   0.01 100 0.1s
Speed function parameters Speed enable 1 means speed is enabled, 0 means speed is forbidden Boolean     0
Speed two-way enable 1 means reverse tracking is allowed, 0 means only forward tracking is allowed Boolean     0
Voltage recovery time The time it takes to recover to the voltage corresponding to the current frequency Numerical 300ms 2000ms 2000ms
Tracking waiting time Speed start delay time after stopping Numerical 10s 25s 10s
Current action threshold Rated current coefficient when flying car starts Numerical 60 120 100
Frequency search speed Down-frequency search time while flying Numerical 300ms 2000ms 2000ms
Motor parameters Motor model Refer to motor nameplate Character type      
Rated current Refer to motor nameplate Numerical      
Rated voltage Refer to motor nameplate Numerical      
rated power Refer to motor nameplate Numerical      
Rated frequency Refer to motor nameplate Numerical      
Rated speed Refer to motor nameplate Numerical      
Insulation class Refer to motor nameplate Numerical      
Main winding method Refer to motor nameplate Character type      
Motor pole number Refer to motor nameplate Numerical      


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