VEICHI participated in Intersolar Europe 2022 in Munich, Germany

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From May 11th to 13th, the 2022 Intersolar Europe was grandly held at the Munich International Exhibition Center. As the world's top professional solar energy exhibition, this exhibition has a total area of nearly 132,000 square meters, attracting more than 1,500 world-renowned enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

VEICHI has been deeply involved in the photovoltaic water pumping industry for more than ten years. This time, it brought a variety of high-performance photovoltaic products and overall solutions to the exhibition. It has won wide acclaim and praise from European customers with advanced technology and excellent performance.

With the continuous advancement of global carbon neutrality, the photovoltaic industry has been valued and favored by more and more countries and regions due to its contribution rate of up to 14.7% to carbon neutrality. Due to the staged imbalance of electricity supply and demand in the energy transition process in Europe, coupled with geopolitical events, factors such as traditional energy supply and price fluctuations have been exacerbated. It highlights the advantages of safer, more economical, and cleaner photovoltaic products, and further accelerates the demand for photovoltaic products in the European market.

VEICHI exhibited SI and BLDC series solar water pump IoT solutions at the exhibition site. Professional engineers are invited to establish an interactive relationship with customers through real-time online connections. The first time to answer questions for the visitors, so that users can more intuitively and accurately understand the specific information of VEICHI and the company's photovoltaic products.

The photovoltaic products of VEICHI are rich in types, using a high-efficiency MPPT algorithm and advanced permanent magnet synchronous motor and synchronous reluctance motor drive technology. The performance is stable and efficient, and it can be connected to the intelligent IoT system. It has good adaptability and can provide matching system solutions according to different needs and usage scenarios. It effectively solves the urgent demands of users to reduce the cost of traditional energy and power input. Since 2011, a total of 320,000 units have been shipped worldwide, and the products shipped in 2020-2021 alone have generated 694.57 million kWh. It has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 690,000 tons, making a positive contribution to global energy conservation and emission reduction.

In the future, VEICHI will continue to improve innovative technologies, accelerate the pace of energy integration and smart interconnection with more efficient products and more reliable technologies, and promote the application and popularization of global clean energy. Open a new era of green and low-carbon, and create a green and beautiful new life.

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VEICHI participated in Intersolar Europe 2022 in Munich, Germany


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