Hand in hand with industry-renowned schools and deepen industry applications

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In order to further expand the market capacity and achieve better development in the field of mining equipment, VEICHI relies on years of accumulated experience in the general inverter market and brand effect to develop market segments and deepen industry application routes. After years of hard work, the company has established a good reputation in the field of mining equipment, in order to promote the digital and intelligent development of the mining equipment industry. VEICHI and China University of Mining and Technology have cooperated on cutting-edge technology, collaborative research and development, and coordinated operations to contribute to the further development of the mining equipment industry.

On the morning of December 8, 2020, Secretary Wu of the School of Electrical and Power Engineering of China University of Mining and Technology, Dean Xu, and several teachers came to VEICHI. To have in-depth exchanges with the company's management team on production, education, and research. Relevant leaders such as President Hu of VEICHI, Director of R&D Center, Director of Supply Chain Center, and Director of Mining Industry Department attended this signing meeting and carried out a licensing signing ceremony and technical exchange activities.

During the conference, the two parties exchanged ideas on how to use the scientific research strength and achievements of universities and the company's market experience to jointly enhance the development of the industry. It is hoped that through the cooperation between the two parties, scientific research results can be transformed into practical applications, and the performance of mining equipment can be improved to contribute to the development of the industry.

Besides, President Hu and Secretary Wu exchanged opinions on the issue of college student training. Both parties agreed that while focusing on the cultivation of students' professional knowledge, it is also necessary to strengthen the cultivation of practical ability, provide students with internships and employment opportunities, and enable students to develop their careers better.

At the licensing ceremony, school representatives awarded VEICHI the "off-campus practice base", marking the formal establishment of a cooperative relationship between the two parties in scientific research and talent training. Focus on in-depth cooperation in multi-dimensional applications such as automation, digitization, and intelligence of mining equipment, and lay the foundation for promoting the iteration of the mining equipment industry at home and abroad. At the signing ceremony, representatives of both schools and enterprises signed the "School-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement" respectively.

After the signing of the contract, the teachers of China University of Mining and Technology, led by the management team of VEICHI, visited the company's product exhibition hall and intelligent manufacturing production line and had in-depth exchanges with the engineers of VEICHI R&D center on the technology of the mining equipment industry. Many teachers introduced many research results such as "Low switching frequency control in grid-connected application", "Permanent magnet synchronous motor low carrier frequency ratio control", "Cascaded U-Cell in underground reactive power compensation" and other research results. It is hoped that the strong alliance between the two parties will further help the development of China's mining machinery industry.

The awarding ceremony ended in a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere. Secretary Wu of the School of Electrical and Power Engineering of the University of Mining and Technology fully affirmed the achievements of VEICHI in industrial development, corporate management, corporate culture, and intelligent manufacturing capabilities. It is hoped that through the deepening of strategic cooperation between schools and enterprises, a practical base for entrepreneurship and innovation will be built to provide talent support and intellectual support for the higher-quality development of enterprises in the future. Mr. Hu of VEICHI also said that in the future, he will continue to build a platform for strategic cooperation and development between schools and enterprises based on the principle of "complementary advantages and cooperation and progress" to achieve win-win development for both schools and enterprises.

About China University of Mining and Technology

China University of Mining and Technology, located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education.The Ministry of Education, the People's Government of Jiangsu Province, and the Ministry of Emergency Management jointly established universities, the national "world-class discipline Construction University", the national "211 project" and "985 projects superior discipline innovation platform" construction universities, and the first batch of doctoral and master's degree-granting units in the country. Member of the High-level Industry-specific University Quality Resource Sharing Alliance, the World Energy University Alliance, and the International Mining, Energy, and Environmental Higher Education Alliance. Selected into the "111 Plan", the Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program, the National Construction High-level University Public Postgraduate Program, and the Chinese Government Scholarship to host universities in China. National University Student Innovative Experimental Program, New Engineering Research and Practice Project, National University Practice Education Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Base.


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Hand in hand with industry-renowned schools and deepen industry applications


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