VEICHI AP100 Series Dedicated and Integrated Air Compressors

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VEICHI AP100 Series Dedicated and Integrated Air Compressors

High integration

  1. Three-in-one (host inverter, fan inverter, motor cooling fan / oil pump) design.
  2. Integrated air compressor control technology, convenient wiring, and improved product reliability.
  3. AP100-K adopts TI's high-performance DSP chip, and its execution speed is up to 200M. The reliability is higher and the carrier frequency is higher, so the temperature rise of the motor is lower and the noise is smaller.

VEICHI AP100 Series Dedicated and Integrated Air Compressors High integration

Unique energy-saving vector control algorithm

The first indicator of the air compressor industry is the energy-efficiency class. The AP100-K can adaptively adjust the current loss of the motor stator windings; when the air pressure requirement is met, it could decrease the motor’s losses itself for the purpose of ensuring the minimum of motor operating current and maximum of the output thereby achieving optimal energy savings.

Humanized air duct design

The lowest end of the air duct adopts a removable design to enhance the heat dissipation and facilitate disassembly, cleaning and maintenance that could apply to different air compressor terminal applications and various harsh environments.

 AP100 Series Dedicated and Integrated Air Compressors Humanized air duct design

Smart cloud control

  1. Real-time remote monitoring of air compressor field applications.
  2. Intelligent fault detection, reporting fault SMS notification function.
  3. Supporting remote switching machine, reserving lock machine, air compressor equipment failure, maintenance information inquiry and SMS notification.

 AP100 Series Dedicated and Integrated Air Compressors Smart cloud control

Dual predictive motor demagnetization mechanism

AP100-K can directly monitor and control the magnetic field of the motor during operation. According to the needs of the air compressor industry, it can intelligently recognize and pre-judge motor operating temperature, realize timely pre-judgment warning in the case of a possible loss of magnetization of the motor and reduce the probability of motor magnetization loss. Moreover, motor temperature PT100/KTY84 detection function can prevent irreversible motor demagnetization due to overheating.

Air compressor special vague PI algorithm

For the current requirement that high-speed synchronous motor output usually exceeds 300Hz, AP100-K has a vector control algorithm up to 600Hz by using industry-leading vague PI control algorithm that could make sure fast regulation, no overshoot and fast response.

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