24-axis stage lighting system of VEICHI helps Nankai University celebrate its 100th anniversary

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On October 17, 2019, Nankai University celebrated its 100th anniversary. On the occasion of the centennial celebration, all the teachers and students of Nankai University, alumni at home and abroad, and friends from all walks of life gathered together to express their friendship and grand gathering. As a professional control system solution provider in China, VEICHI is also fortunate to be involved. The multi-axis stage lighting system independently developed by VEICHI has helped the Nankai University 100th Anniversary Gala with excellent performance.

Nankai University 100th Anniversary Party

Brilliant stage lighting---adding lights to the party

On the evening of the 17th, the 100th anniversary of the founding of Nankai University was held at the Bali Road Campus of Nankai University. People from all walks of life gathered together to praise the extraordinary glorious history of Nankai University for 100 years.

At the party, in addition to the exciting programs, the stage lighting was particularly eye-catching. With the rhythm of music, the display panel driven by 24 servo motors was rhytHMIc in the air. What's more, the attitude change of the light board in space can be changed at any time according to the different rhythm of the music, showing various graceful postures in the air. Whether you want to "wave fluctuations" or "Dapeng wings", you only need to modify the parameters to make the corresponding attitude change.

Accurate multi-axis linkage control---showing graceful posture

If the servo is just to control the display panel to put a shape in the air, then such control difficulty is not a problem for VEICHI Servo System. This kind of control difficulty is really a "small dish" for VEICHI application development team. In fact, we not only need to control the final attitude of the light board in the air, but also strictly control the process of changing the attitude of the light board, that is to say, the movement of 24 servo motors must be linked. In addition, the 24-axis linkage control must also be completed on the bus. 

Therefore, such a control system increases the difficulty of the application development team to some extent. Of course, as a VEICHI person who always regards the brand concept of “Drive Forever” as a forward indicator, all the pressure will be turned into motivation. VEICHI people are always moving forward and never stop.

 Multi-axis cam linkage is of course the bus

After facing the difficulties and doing the work, the VEICHI development team finally solved the problem of excessive fluctuations in the speed of the electronic cam running on the bus after two consecutive overnight attacks. The development of the system was successfully completed one week before the 100th anniversary party of Nankai University.

If you have a challenge, you will have motivation

Complete after-sales service - guarantee the success of the party

During the installation and commissioning stage before the party, the company recently dispatched engineers from the Shijiazhuang office to the site for technical guidance. Due to the complex environment of the rehearsal site and numerous on-site construction personnel, in order to ensure the safety of the on-site construction personnel, our engineers only wait until the construction workers get off work. In order to debug, the time left for our engineers to debug is very limited.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the party, VEICHI engineers can only debug the equipment overnight. For two consecutive days, VEICHI engineers were both at the rehearsal site. After two days of unremitting efforts, the equipment was finally commissioned on the morning of the party. Although the equipment has been successfully debugged, our engineers did not feel relieved. As long as the party is not over, we can't relax. After a short break. The engineers immediately plunged into a new "battle."

For the after-sales service response and product quality of VEICHI, the customer had to give a thumbs up

During the party, VEICHI engineers huddled in the narrow equipment room in the background to monitor the running status of the equipment, so that in the event of an accident, the problem can be handled in the first time to ensure the smooth progress of the party.

Making a loving posture - to Nankai University also gave us the dedicated engineers

The 100th anniversary party of Nankai University was successfully concluded. Here, I will give my best wishes to the 100-year-old school. Also praised our dedicated and creative VEICHI engineers, you are the best VEICHI person!

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