2020 awards ceremony of VEICHI was held successfully

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Annual ceremony

Looking back to 2020, all VEICHI people work hard, continue to inherit, innovate and surpass. Looking forward to 2021 is a new starting point for VEICHI and a new journey of struggle. On the occasion of the coming of the New Year, the 2020 awards ceremony is on schedule.

Live online

Based on the current impact of the COVID-19, and in response to the national epidemic prevention and control deployment requirements, this awards ceremony was broadcast live for the first time.

Suzhou, Shenzhen, and offices across the country, in the form of online collaborative participation, presented a unique awards ceremony for everyone.

Message from the Chairman

In 2020, the year of Gengzi that is destined to be extraordinary in the long river of human history has brought us too many memories and touches. Faced with the sudden outbreak of the new crown at the beginning of the year, the people of VEICHI gave full play to the spirit of hard work, united and quickly resumed work and production, and went all out to ensure the delivery of orders.

It is precise because there are so many VEICHI people, conscientious, obscure, and sticking to their responsibilities in ordinary positions, that our 2020 operating income has increased by about 30% year-on-year. And on December 29, 2020, it was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and entered the capital market.

Successful landing in the capital market is not the end of our struggle, but the starting point of our new journey. We will make full use of the platform advantages of listed companies, market demand as the guidance, and technological innovation as the drive, and we will move towards a leading enterprise in the electric drive and industrial control fields.

In 2021, we hope that we will stand at a new starting point, jointly innovate development ideas, start the journey of great innovation, and jointly create a better future.

Grand occasion

Good luck for the Taurus as the mouse bids farewell to the old year. On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, the people of VEICHI used practical actions and hard-working spirit to write a strong stroke in 2020, and will also write a new overture in 2021.

Looking back on the sixteen years of development, the glory and brilliance created by VEICHI are inseparable from every VEICHI person who has contributed to the development of VEICHI.

In 2020, under this extremely difficult situation, which is rare in history, VEICHI can overcome challenges and achieve stable development. We must thank everyone for their efforts.

At the award ceremony, we witnessed the honor, shared the joy, and praised and applauded the outstanding employees, fresh graduates, lecturers, and outstanding teams for their exemplary and contributions.

Excellent staff/fresh students

The soil becomes the mountain and the water becomes the sea. They are always concerned about the company's worries and share the same fate with the company. They are models and learning objects in the minds of VEICHI people. They have proved to us with practical actions that ordinary jobs can also create extraordinary work results.

Outstanding Lecturer Award

They shoulder the sacred duty of "teaching and educating people, and being a teacher". They interpret the demeanor of lecturers with wisdom and sweat, and they convey a bright fire for the future of the enterprise. They are communicators and practitioners. In theory, they speak and tell, in practice, they teach by example, and in responsibility, they take the lead.

Best Project Award

A team with overall awareness, service awareness, and coordination awareness is an excellent team. They have a high team spirit, mutual unity, mutual support, and tacit understanding between team members, relying on the collective strength of the team, to excellently complete various work requirements and production targets.

Technology Breakthrough Award

In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the market, they are advancing against difficulties. When new challenges come, they choose to fly. The technology breakthrough award won the team to break through the bottleneck in the three-level low-carrier vector control technology, adopting a new wave mode so that the PWM can realize the output update at the zero-crossing point and cycle point at the same time. And it is guaranteed that the PN direct switching problem will not occur in the power device switch at this time.

Best Service Award

They are diligent and diligent in their work in 2020, and the average score of the customer satisfaction survey in the 2791 service visits throughout the year was 9.89. No complaints occurred throughout the year, which played a leading role in various regions and also won high praise from customers.

Best Quality Award

Quality is the life of an enterprise. The hydraulic servo industry department regularly outputs market problem diagnosis reports to improve quality, which truly reflects that the matrix team is responsible for the quality KPI targets, and the quality is stable and excellent.

Outstanding Sales Team Award

Seek success from failure after failure, and draw strength from steadfastness and hard work. They are true heroes and never give up. The sales of the Machine Tool and Compressor Industry Department in 2020 increased by nearly 100% year-on-year, which was well received by company customers and cooperative enterprises. They are determined to forge ahead and set a good example for us.

Work Together Award

They are dedicated to their responsibilities, work overtime without complaint, adhere to the customer first service concept, and be market-oriented. Flexible production arrangements to meet business needs to the utmost, customer satisfaction continued to rise, outstanding performance, and received unanimous praise.

Management Progress Award

The winning team of the Management Progress Award strengthens the team building and training of the department, and reserves echelon management talents for the department. Actively sort out departmental management and control processes and solidify management system documents. Actively promote product quality optimization and control measures to continuously improve product quality. Pay attention to the nodes of the product production process, so that the production efficiency is continuously improved.

Advanced Anti-epidemic Award

2020 is a very challenging year. A new crown epidemic has swept the world and caught everyone by surprise. Work and life have been greatly affected. The winners of the Advanced Anti-epidemic Team Award, even though everyone is on hold, are aggressive, dedicated, and dedicated to their jobs, and have completed all their work without slack. It is commendable for others.

Chairman's Special Award

On December 29, 2020, VEICHI was successfully listed on the Science and Technology Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This is an important milestone in the development of VEICHI, and it also carries the dreams of too many VEICHI people. Behind this is the result of the joint efforts of all VEICHI people, but it is also inseparable from a group of colleagues who have worked hard day and night in this work.

New challenge, new journey

In a warm and festive atmosphere, the award ceremony of VEICHI came to a successful conclusion. VEICHI set sail for a new journey in 2021. In the New Year, let us join hands, gather wisdom, and write a stronger and more exciting chapter of VEICHI with a pen full of wisdom, courage, and passion.

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