What is the Difference Between 3 Phase and Single Phase

It shows what is the difference between single phase and three phase. In this article, you will make clear about the applications, advantages and etc. about single phase and three phase.

Do you know what is single phase and three phase? Single-phase means the power transmission line in form of a phase line and a zero line, and there would be a third line (ground) if necessary. Three-phase AC power is a form of transport, referred to as a three-phase. Three-phase AC power supply, is composed of three AC power potentials which have the same frequency, same amplitude and the phase difference among them is 120°.

what is the difference between 3 phase and single phase?

The power supply difference between three phase and single phase: the power generated from three phase power supply is three-phase and each phase can constitute a single-phase circuit with the neutral point to provide electrical energy for users. And the phase line and neutral point line cannot be called positive or negative electrode in this AC circuit.

 three phase and single phase


Advantages of Three Phase Electricity

There are many differences between single phase and three phase power as shown below:

1. Compared with single-phase AC power,three-phase AC power has obvious advantages in aspects such as power generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy and other aspects. For example: the manufacturing cost of three-phase generators and transformers are less than single-phase generators and transformers which have the same capacity, and three-phase has simple structure and excellent performance.

2. The difference between single phase and three phase motor is that the capacity of three-phase motors manufactured with the same material as single-phase motors is 50% larger.

3. The difference between single phase and three phase supply: In the case of transmitting the same power, three-phase power lines can save 25% of non-ferrous metals than the single-phase power lines, and less time consumed compared with single-phase power transmission. The three-phase AC power is widely used due to the advantages above.



Application Areas of Single Phase and Three Phase Motor

The application difference between single and three phase is obvious. Single-phase motors are widely used in refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, electric fans, hair dryer, vacuum cleaners and other household appliances. And these motors can work with great efficiency when they are equipped with frequency converters.

Three-phase motors are widely used in large wind turbines, belt conveyor, and hoist. When the motors is related with AC frequency drives, they can also be used to drive a variety of general machinery such as compressors, pumps, crushers, cutting machine tools, transport machinery and other mechanical equipment in the mine, mechanical, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, power plants and other industrial and mining enterprises as the prime mover.

Although there is difference between single phase and 3 phase motors, they all have excellent performance when connected with suitable servo drives. Veichi Electric provides VFD for single phase motor and three phase motor, servo drives and etc. with wholesale price,


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