How to Install and Replace the VFD Cooling Fan

It tells about how to maintain the VFD cooling fan or cooling system. Follow the tips here, you can quickly demount the cooling fan for cleaning or replace it with a new one.

All the equipments and components of variable frequency drive have its own service life. Correct maintenance can extend the life span to some extent. When the VFD cooling system is out of service, it will cause malfunction, so regular check and clean, and replace the VFD cooling fan when necessary is very important. In this guide, we will talk about how to tear down and install the cooling fan of AC tech VFD.

1. Important Matters What You Need Pay Attention to

a. Please do not perform the above actions when the VFD is powering on, or there may be an electric shock. During the above process, please do cut off power and make sure that the main circuit DC voltage is within safe level. It is better to perform the above actions after 5 minutes when the power is cut off.

b. During the working status, the temperature of VFD cooling fin will rise. To avoid scalding injury, please do not touch the cooling fin. Until the temperature of cooling fin is within safe level, can you start to replace the cooling fan.

c. In order to maximumly exploit the working performance of VFD, please adopt the original cooling fan.

2. How to Demount the VFD Cooling Fan for Cleaning?

a. Please pinch the elastic buckle on both sides of the cooling fan, and at the same time pull out, then the shroud will be successfully teared down.

vfd cooling fan

b. Press down the buckle, and then pull out the cooling fan lead terminal vertically.

 demount the vfd cooling fan

c. Unplug the buckle of fan shroud, and then slightly separate the cooling fan and shroud.

vfd cooling fan cleaning

Follow this way, you can successfully tear down the VFD cooling fan for cleaning or replace the old fan with a new one.

3. How to Install New Cooling Fan to VFD?

When replacing the cooling fan of VFD, please make sure the new fan is of the same model as the original one. Therefore, please contact the local agent or Veichi Electric for the cooling fan. Besides, some VFD models are built-in with multiple cooling fans, please replace all of them with new ones at a time to maximize the service life of VFD. Please follow the below steps to install a new cooling fan to your VFD:

a. Put cooling fan (with nameplate facing outwards) into the shroud.

installation of vfd cooling fan

b. Press down the elastic buckles of cooling fan lead terminal to inside, and insert the lead terminal slightly at the same time.

vfd cooling fan installation steps


c. Then insert the 2 elastic buckles of cooling fan shroud into the card slots.

vfd installation

Usually, the cooling fan of VFD can work without trouble for about 2 years. Regular check and clean is necessary to maintain the VFD cooling system, especially when the VFD is applied in dusty environment such as in textile factory. To learn more about how to maintain VFD how to troubleshoot VFD, please follow the links to learn more. If you need medium voltage drives or low voltage inverter, please visit to learn more.

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