Heavy upgrade丨VEICHI PROFINET servo makes a new appearance

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PROFINET has a very high popularity in China, and the number of installed nodes occupies 28% of the domestic industrial Ethernet market. From process automation to factory automation to motion control, PROFINET's real-time, high-efficiency and flexibility can meet a variety of applications.

With the normalization of domestic epidemic prevention and control and the comprehensive advancement of the resumption of work and production, the market demand for industrial control products has been continuously increased. Among them, the contradiction between supply and demand of the widely used PROFINET servo becomes more and more prominent.

As a well-known brand in the field of industrial control automation in China, VEICHI adheres to the concept of " guided by market demand, driven by technological innovation n". Give full play to its own strong platform technology advantages, and take the lead in opening up the technology research and development and product layout of replacing imports with domestic components. In 2020, the research and development of PROFINET bus communication servo will be officially launched, the AC servo technology and PROFINET technology will be perfectly combined, and the PROFINET Servo System with excellent interoperability and wide compatibility will be launched. Provide customers with a cost-effective system solution.

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Heavy upgrade丨VEICHI PROFINET servo makes a new appearance


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