Close to the needs of users and create a "VEICHI characteristic" PLC intelligent manufacturing ecological chain

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With the continuous improvement of the domestic industrial control level and the arrival of the "Industry 4.0" era, the domestic PLC industry has achieved sustained and favorable development. And as intelligent manufacturing puts forward higher and higher requirements for the breadth and depth of automated production, the industrial application scale of domestic PLCs has been continuously improved.

Advance layout and continue to promote product upgrades

VEICHI has been focusing on the research and development and production of products in the fields of electric drive and industrial control. Facing the PLC market where international brands occupy an absolute advantage, VEICHI gives full play to the competitive advantages of local brands. Through the establishment of a control system subsidiary, we will dig deep into the market segment and strengthen the research on the underlying control technology and the development of application processes. Continuously optimize and improve the quality, performance, and reliability of PLC products.

Realize EtherCAT bus control, accelerate the construction of intelligent ecological chain

VEICHI PLC products have always focused on the development of diversified communications and can support CANopen, MODBUS TCP, and other industrial bus types. The development of Ethernet-based technology has attracted more and more attention from the market, and VEICHI has also accelerated the technology research and development in EtherCAT bus control. At the same time, the corresponding integrated technology module has been launched, which can be compatible and connected with other products and solutions developed by VEICHI to form an overall solution. Connect with the customer's production equipment, network, etc. From the three-layer architecture of "comprehensive perception, reliable transmission, and intelligent computing", a complete intelligent manufacturing ecological chain is constructed. Open up various production links such as factory monitoring, production process, equipment management, and energy management. Eliminate information islands and make VEICHI PLC series products truly move from productization to systemization.

Launch new products and improve product line layout

The latest generation of VC5 series PLC products independently developed by VEICHI will be launched on the market in the near future. VC5 series products support 32-axis EtherCAT bus motion control, support up to 72 EtherCAT slave stations, support RS485, CAN, Ethernet and EtherCAT interfaces, and can realize multi-level network communication. The launch of VC5 series products will further expand the market segment and improve the product line layout of VEICHI in the field of motion control.

Based on the dedication to technology and the concept of helping the sustainable construction of the industrial ecological chain, VEICHI always insists on innovation and development with an open and cooperative attitude. Under the guidance of this concept, VEICHI PLC will also be user-centered, keep improving, and give full play to the advantages of platform technology and resources. Efforts will be made to build a unique intelligent manufacturing ecological chain of VEICHI to create more value for users.

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Close to the needs of users and create a "VEICHI characteristic" PLC intelligent manufacturing ecological chain


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