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With the decline of rare earth reserves year by year, rare earths have become a national strategic reserve resource. Rare earths face a variety of environmental problems in the process of mining, processing and use, which has promoted the development and application of synchronous reluctance motors. VEICHI uses "black technology" to take the driving responsibility and respond to national development trends.

With the advantages of high performance, high efficiency, low cost, energy saving and emission reduction, synchronous reluctance motors stand out from many motor categories. Because of its unique advantages over asynchronous motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors, it has a good application prospect in the fields of traditional transmission and emerging electric vehicle drives.

  DC AC asynchronous motor Switched Reluctance Motor Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Synchronous Reluctance Motor VS No brushes and commutators, simple and reliable, easy to maintain Rotor without winding (no loss), high efficiency Continuous change of reluctance, small torque ripple, low noise, mature platform, reducing control cost The rotor is made of silicon steel, which has low cost and no demagnetization problem. It is more reliable and stable for long-term use.


From the perspective of structure and principle, synchronous reluctance is more like a permanent magnet synchronous motor without permanent magnets. They have similar mathematical models. Therefore, the synchronous reluctance drive method is fully compatible with the mature permanent magnet synchronous motor drive platform in hardware, which reduces the cost of the synchronous reluctance motor drive control system; In software, according to the characteristics of the mathematical model of the synchronous reluctance motor, a new type of magnetic flux observer was developed to realize the vector decoupling control of this type of motor. The block diagram of the open loop vector control is as follows.

Because the parameters of synchronous reluctance motors change more drastically than permanent magnet synchronous motors, it brings problems to control. In order to obtain excellent static and dynamic performance, it is necessary to obtain accurate motor parameters, magnetic chain observation accuracy, and speed observation accuracy. In view of the above problems and difficulties, our company has carried out in-depth research and optimization on the open loop vector control technology of synchronous reluctance motors on the AC310 series platform, and has achieved outstanding results.

(1) Based on the existing leading vector control software platform, a new magnetic flux observer is used to achieve lower motor parameter sensitivity, accurate rotor position observation and accurate current decoupling.

(2) In addition to the conventional self-learning of the AC310 series, a new saturation parameter learning function has been newly developed, with short learning time and high learning accuracy. The d and q-axis inductance saturation characteristic parameters of the motor under different magnetic field saturation levels can be obtained through learning, so that the motor can be controlled more accurately; the following figure shows the learning results of the inductance saturation curve of a synchronous reluctance motor used in the field.

(3) Excellent MTPA control: The maximum torque-current ratio control is adopted. When the same torque is generated, the dq-axis stator current is optimally distributed to minimize the stator current, thereby minimizing the stator copper consumption and achieving the optimal efficiency.

(4) Optimize the field weakening control. MTPA control of the motor below the base speed, field weakening control above the base speed, the maximum use of the voltage limit to maximize the output torque and expand the constant power range.

Our AC310 series inverter drive synchronous reluctance has great advantages:

(1) Excellent low frequency characteristics: Our AC310 drives a synchronous reluctance motor with a speed regulation ratio of 50: 1 (explanation: when the rated frequency of the synchronous reluctance motor is 100HZ, 2HZ can drive full load; when the rated frequency of the synchronous reluctance motor 50HZ, 1HZ can drive full load);

(2) High-performance, high-stability, high-precision, synchronous reluctance motor drive technology handles international advanced level;

(3) Excellent overvoltage and overcurrent suppression;

             Overcurrent suppression                                                                  Overpressure suppression

(4) The following is a part of the performance test waveform chart:

Acceleration and deceleration time 0.1s, no-load rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration from 0 to rated frequency

Acceleration / deceleration time 0.1s, full acceleration from 0 to rated frequency

Sudden load and unload 180% rated load

AC310 series inverter synchronous reluctance motor open loop vector control technology can drive the synchronous reluctance motor stably and reliably, and has achieved excellent control effect. With the synchronous reluctance motor, the energy efficiency can reach the IE4 standard or higher. This is the first domestic application of synchronous reluctance motor control technology to the general product, which has been fully recognized by customers in the motor industry. VEICHI shoulders the mission of “intelligent manufacturing” to continuously innovate and progress, keeping pace with the times, and driven by the endless concept of driving, VEICHI will continue to provide customers with the best electrical drive solutions. In the future, VEICHI will work with you to advance and retreat together.

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