The use precautions of servo motor

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In recent years, with the continuous advancement of China's manufacturing industry, it has provided a huge market for the development of the servo industry. The gradual maturity of technology has made the AC servo system market develop rapidly and diversified, and it has become one of the supporting technologies of industrial automation.

At present, the domestic high-end market is mainly occupied by foreign famous enterprises from Japan, Europe and America, and foreign brands occupy nearly 80% of the market share of China's AC servo market. Among them, Japanese products are ranked first with a market share of about 50%. Their products are characterized by technical and performance levels that are in line with the needs of Chinese users. They have obtained stable and continuous customer sources with good cost performance and high reliability, especially in the small and medium-sized OEM market has a monopoly advantage. In the next few years, China's Servo System industry will benefit from the impact of industrial upgrading, and will maintain rapid growth. The domestic alternative import brand space is still very large.

The servo system is driven by mechanical motion, the motor is the control object, the controller is the core, the power electronic power conversion device is used as the actuator, and the electric drive automatic control system is composed under the guidance of the automatic control theory. The servo system consists of four parts: command mechanism, servo drive, servo motor and feedback mechanism. The command mechanism is pulse or servo drive. The servo drive is the power supply of the servo motor. The common drive components are IPM module and servo motor. It is the executive agency, which relies on it to achieve motion. The encoder is the feedback mechanism. Generally speaking, the servo controller is the head. The motor in the servo motor is equivalent to the human hand. The servo motor encoder acts as the human eye and plays a feedback role. The servo feedback encoder has a decisive influence on the important characteristics of the servo motor, mainly reflecting the following aspects:

1. Positioning accuracy

2. Speed stability

3. Bandwidth, which determines the response time and anti-jamming performance of the drive command

4. Servo rigidity

5. Motor size

6. Power loss

7. Noise and fever

8. Security

At present, SD700 series servo is the star product of VEICHI. It adopts the international leading motor control algorithm and is equipped with 23/24-bit high-precision encoder. It has the characteristics of high control precision, fast tracking response and simple debugging. The functions and performance required for high-end general-purpose servo applications. This SERVOPACK maximizes machine performance in the shortest amount of time and helps increase productivity. In order to facilitate customers to better use VEICHI servo products to better protect the motor and encoder, the following is a brief introduction to the installation and use of the servo motor.

Servo motor installation and use precautions

Servo motor oil and water protection

A. Servo motors can be used where they can be exposed to water or oil droplets, but they are not fully waterproof or oil resistant. Therefore, the servo motor should not be placed or used in water or in an oily environment.

B. If the servo motor is connected to a reduction gear, an oil seal should be applied when using the servo motor to prevent the oil of the reduction gear from entering the servo motor.

C. When using the oil penetration in the environment where the shaft penetration is splashed, select a servo motor with an oil seal. A standard servo motor can be used if it is not splashed.

D. Do not immerse the cable of the servo motor in oil or water. If you want to use it, please use oil-resistant cable. Please wear the oil-resistant cable.

Servo motor cable → reduce stress

A. Make sure that the cable is not subjected to moments or vertical loads due to external bending forces or its own weight, especially at the cable exit or at the joint. 

B. In the case of servo motor movement, the cable (that is, the one that is configured with the motor) should be securely fastened to a stationary part (relative to the motor) and should be extended with an additional cable installed in the cable support. This bending stress can be minimized.

C. The elbow radius of the cable is as large as possible.

Note: When connecting cables, the bending radius should not be too small, and it is not suitable to apply excessive tension to the cable. In particular, the core wire diameter of the signal wire is usually 0.2 mm and 0.3 mm, which is very thin, and it is not suitable for tensioning when wiring.

Shaft end load allowed by servo motor

A. Ensure that the radial and axial loads applied to the servo motor shaft during installation and operation are within the specified values for each model.

B. Be extremely careful when installing a rigid coupling, especially excessive bending loads that can cause damage or wear to the shaft ends and bearings.

C. It is best to use a flexible coupling so that the radial load is below the allowable value, which is designed for high mechanical strength servo motors. It is recommended to use a double leaf spring coupling that allows a certain eccentric declination.

Servo motor installation note

A. When installing/disassembling the coupling parts (couplings, pulleys, sprockets, etc.) to the shaft end of the servo motor, do not hit the shaft end directly with a hammer. (The hammer directly hits the shaft end, and the encoder at the other end of the servo motor shaft is easily broken). When disassembling the servo motor coupling part, it is preferable to use the drawing to disassemble the coupling part which is difficult to disassemb.

Note: ① When installing/disassembling the coupling parts, be sure to pay attention to the protection of the servo motor encoder. (The encoder is a high-precision product, which is easily damaged by external vibration and knocking.)
          ② When the motor shaft and the coupling component are difficult to install, please polish the surface of the motor shaft or the inner diameter surface of the coupling component according to the actual situation on the site. After grinding, add lubricant (butter, oil) to reassemble.

B. For the shaft key installation, use the shaft key supplied with the product or the shaft key that meets the specifications specified in the instruction manual. When installing and removing the shaft, please use the tool to make a strong tap

C. Try to align the shaft ends to the optimum condition (which may cause vibration or bearing damage if fault)..


The correct installation using servo motor can not only improve the service life of the servo motor, but also save installation time, quickly complete the debugging of the equipment and improve work efficiency.

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