R&D Software Department's daily - our "long run" with the project

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Software development

Hello everyone, I am a software engineer at VEICHI, responsible for platform software development. The software code is the brain and core of the machine. The stability, security and reliability of the machine are inseparable from the planning, layout and writing of the software. Next, I will give you a brief introduction to some of the software development work. If there are any deficiencies, please advise.

Receiving task

When it was time for the meeting, it was accurate to say that it was time for the new project to be determined. The leader called us in the past and everyone gathered in a meeting to discuss a new function applied to the machine. Through various discussions, the final decision to develop this software. And gave the task to me, indicating the development cycle.

In fact, for the people who write software, the beginning of a new project, the most important thing is not to rush to work, and cannot easily do it, but also temporarily ignore the pressure of short development cycle. The most urgent thing to do is to check the data in all directions, to clarify the big framework of the task and the criss-cross relationship between the small frameworks, to form a rigorous logical thinking orientation map and so on.

Work hard

When the code framework or flow chart, modular programming, hand-drawn intricate relationship line relationship network is finalized. Then follow the hand-painted "blueprint" to build the code framework. What is the framework, in simple terms, the framework is an infinite number of if else if else, that is, the various conditions of the box. Then the code details are written, that is, the code is plugged into each module or condition, and each module is tuned. Although this process is easy to say, the actual operation will encounter various unexpected troubles.

Cooperation and win-win situation

In the process of writing code, it is impossible to not encounter problems. Often because of these "home-cooked meals", my hair line is getting higher and higher. Recently, a certain treasure browsing record is all anti-hair loss products. Of course, as a code farmer. Everything is accustomed to it, hair can be long, and the problem must be solved. In this process, if you encounter a small problem, you can find all kinds of information and you can solve it under normal circumstances.

However, if you encounter a problem with the software platform, you need to cooperate with other colleagues. As the saying goes, the three stinkers, the top Zhuge Liang, how to cooperate, it depends on the character of this person who cooperates with you. He is extroverted and independent of form. You can follow suit, but you must have a degree. In practice, you should carefully scrutinize it and do it just right. If he is introverted and specializes in technology, then you will appreciate more and do a good technical communication. In short, how to carry out effective cooperation is also a matter of learning. In fact, in the case of cooperation, each and every colleague will work together to achieve the ultimate goal.

Delivery period

In the process of carrying out a project, the most difficult problem that I am not worried about is the problem that the leader needs to deliver. When a task is being carried out in an intense manner, suddenly it is urgent to ship the goods. The leadership requirements must be completed. This is simply racing against time.

Then, at this time, the chaos is the most unacceptable. Once used as a software white, it is very panic when encountering this situation. Now, in addition to overtime, the rhythm of the project should be well grasped. Like practicing Tai Chi, all steps are relaxation, from a strategic point of view, the mentality should be properly resolved, step by step according to the plan, and completing the leadership delivery is only a small problem in the R&D process.


When the above work is completed, the software development work is basically completed, and the test is on schedule. Ask the test engineer to look up the software problem. In general, it is inevitable to test the problem at this stage. When the test engineer's ideas are inconsistent with you, listen to them and think carefully. Although we generally feel that these procedures for finding faults are cumbersome, because test engineers have strong experience in testing and on-the-spot, they are likely to be customer-required. In order to get a perfect product, listen more their opinions are necessary.

On-site adjustment

After the test is completed and the software review is passed, the review is passed, and the software development basically comes to an end.

Where there is a machine, there is a live adjustment. I also summed up an experience about the adjustment. That is, the situation on the spot is complicated. Not every customer knows what their real needs are. Be sure to find the right person and ask their real needs. Otherwise you will modify it very often and trouble. How to find the right person, talk more, ask more, communicate more, judge their position, and confirm who is the clearest. Hundreds and thousands of times, for her I searched in chaos, suddenly, I turned by chance, to where the lights were waning, and there she stood!

The above is part of the work of a VEICHI software engineer. The article is simply described. In fact, there are many unseen efforts and hardships behind it. The journey is a sea of stars, and the future is full of turmoil. We always believe that as long as we continue to explore, focus on the needs of customers, always pay attention to the latest developments, understand the real needs, and be sure to develop products that satisfy customers.


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