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From the beginning of January 2019 to the present, I have been working in the company for nearly five months without knowing it. I have gained a lot during this time, which is of great significance to my transition from student to professional engineer. As a college student who has just stepped into the society, he came to the new environment of VEICHI, how to coexist with colleagues, how to do a good job, and how to make progress and breakthrough after learning to invest. All kinds of confusions are especially noticeable because of the unknown and unfamiliar environment.VEICHI VM7 series motor products are equipped with 24-bit absolute encoders, which are world-leading. They adopt 10-stage rotors and 12-slot stators and pass special magnetic circuit design. The high speed up to 6000 rpm, 3-4 times overload capacity, small size, light weight...

But life always starts from trying and constantly comforts oneself. If you want to succeed, you must be "cheeky". If you are not ashamed to ask, all doubts will eventually be answered.

In the next five months of the trial period, in the relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere of the company, through the careful care and patient guidance of the R&D manager and platform colleagues, I quickly adapted to the transition from student to staff, in the shorter In the time of adaptation to the company's working environment, but also familiar with the entire workflow of the platform, the most important thing is that my work ability and interpersonal communication have made great progress.

This is different from school education, and practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Only through practical operations, solutions to various problems can come into being.

In the platform group of VEICHI, there are brothers who are good at IGBT drive and controlling terminals, and the head who are very good at simulation analysis of IGBT modules. For newly-introduced engineers, VEICHI implements a mentoring system and conducts one-on-one coaching to ensure that new employees can adapt and carry out new work more quickly. Each new person will be assigned by the instructor to arrange related work. The ability of the staff to improve is very helpful, and the instructor will also cultivate part of each person's expertise, so that each person's ability can get the most out of the space.

Under the careful guidance of Mr. Zhang, I learned to analyze the analysis method of the circuit. The use of any circuit has relevant theories to support, but the theory is only a basis, and the change must pass the specific simulation experiment. The conclusion is that what I remember most is the loss calculation of Mr. Zhang teaches my IGBT module. The data given in the parameter manual is only the test condition of the chip manufacturer. In practical applications, it should be converted according to its own conditions. Blind use of the data in the chip parameter manual, from this matter, in fact, the most obvious is to practice the truth.

With the help of the “dajun” brother, I realized the driving circuit of the IGBT, the structure is complex and each component has a vital role, even the impact of a small driving resistor is very huge. In the test, even if it is a small waveform anomaly, it is necessary to analyze the cause of this situation. For the abnormal scene that occurs during the experiment, it is necessary to do a careful analysis so as to avoid the occurrence of errors and process the experiment. The anomaly in the middle is also a good way to improve your ability.

As one of the earliest manufacturers in the field of inverters, VEICHI has developed into a relatively mature enterprise in the industry. The company system has been standardized, the employees of the company have been consciously abided, the employees are novel, the clothes are neat and clean, and the work is hard, active. The corporate culture is profound and the cultural atmosphere is strong. The early meetings, interest groups, and internal magazines promote employee growth and group building activities. The morning meeting system highlights the charm of corporate culture, so that everyone can learn about yesterday's work. Help each other in the group to solve problems together and learn new knowledge together, which helps employees to grow their own knowledge. From the perspective of long-term interests, it is also a reflection of the value-added of corporate interests.

VEICHI welcomes every college student who wants to grow up. Everyone of VEICHI is here waiting for you to come and witness the growth of you and the company.

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