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Shears are the most widely used sheet cutting equipment in various industrial sectors and are currently widely used in steel, printing, and cardboard processing industries. The shearing machine performs synchronous cutting during the material feeding process to realize high-precision cutting without stopping. The flying shear control system is the key to the shearing machine. The quality of its product control performance directly affects the product yield.

VEICHI flying shear control system provides special servos for flying shears with power ranging from 50W to 200KW, which can provide customers with the best solutions according to the different application sites of customers. At present, we have a flying shear system solution with the V5 motion controller as the main control core of the flying shear. At the same time, for some special projects, VEICHI also provides a dedicated servo flying shear solution with SD700 flying shear dedicated servo as the main control core for a variety of options.

The overall solution of the VEICHI flying shear control system is composed of one 55KW flying shear servo, one 45KW leveling inverter, one 7.5KW feeding inverter, one 4KW conveyor belt inverter, one motion controller, and one touch screen. . The theoretical value of the maximum spindle speed when processing long materials can reach 200m/min, and the theoretical value of the maximum spindle speed when processing 0.5m short materials can reach 150m/min, and the material cutting accuracy is stable within ±0.12mm.

The VEICHI flying shear control system solution can realize high-speed operation while ensuring stable operation error within ±0.12mm, and realize the synchronization of the master and slave axis position and high-speed response servo motor control through the 5-fold curve planning of the electronic cam. It has realized the advantages of high speed, large width, high efficiency, and high reliability of the flying shear system. Finally, the actual production requirements of high-speed, high-precision, and high stability of the shears are realized.

Rich functions and fast processing speed

The cutter axis is driven by the VEICHI SD700 series 55KW high-power flying shear servo drive, and the SD700 series Servo System adopts the bottom layer of the dual CPU hardware architecture, which has a faster processing speed. Built-in electronic cam calculation function, including flying shear, tracking shear electronic cam function, can be directly connected with the man-machine interface to achieve centralized control. Stable performance, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and the operating interface of the flying shear system can be switched between Chinese and English.

Support multiple working modes

All parameters are displayed and modified in real-time by the man-machine interface. It can display the speed of the feeding shaft, the cutting length, and the number of orders, and includes multiple order modes, with the maximum order mode reaching 8, and it supports switching between cyclic mode and individual mode.

Effectively reduce the defect rate

The system can automatically calculate the maximum speed of the corresponding feeding axis according to the set cutting length, and then limit the maximum speed of the entire system through the motion controller. Avoid running out of trouble, improve system safety, and reduce product defect rates.

Improve system security

The system can automatically calculate the number of processed orders. When the actual order quantity is closing to the set total order quantity, it can automatically output the output close signal to the motion controller. The motion controller adjusts the system to decelerate in advance to avoid emergency stops during normal processing and improve the safety of the system.

Guaranteed abnormal downtime

The system has the function of saving the order quantity. If an abnormal shutdown is caused by improper operation or power failure, the system will run again, and it will automatically process from the last memorized order. And the system has a patrol stop function to ensure that the cutter can stop at the position of 180° every time, which can effectively protect the cutter from being damaged when it stops abnormally. 

Integrated control is more worry-free

The system has an automatic material receiving function, and the material can be automatically collected according to the order set in the automatic material receiving mechanism. At the same time, it has a material counting function. When the number of materials collected reaches the set value, the system will automatically stop processing, and then wait for the number of the receiving mechanism to be cleared and run the system again for processing.

The VEICHI flying shear system solution can be adjusted according to customer needs. It has many advantages: high efficiency, good stability, strong anti-interference ability, and a wide range of applications. It has been maturely applied in a variety of industrial equipment on the market. In the future, VEICHI will continue the concept of "guided by market demand, driven by technological innovation ", and will focus more on the polishing of details to provide customers with high-quality products and perfect solutions. We are constantly striving to advance to promote the high-quality development of the electric drive and industrial control industries.

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