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I am often asked about my profession.
Hesitant answer: Software engineer.
The other party: Ah? Program? IT man.
Hesitant answer: No, I am engaged in electrical, not IT.
The other party: Oh, electrical appliances, refrigerator and washing machine?
Both sides are in a silent silence...

The above dialogue is a very common situation for our engineers. Most of the time, we don't talk too much with our colleagues. It is often an ecstasy of the computer.

Think about the elements of weekday work, probably: design, programming, reasoning, testing, and business trips. Speaking of becoming a qualified software engineer at VEICHI is really not a thing of the past. Programming, electrical engineering, digital signal processing, control theory, power electronics... it is an interdisciplinary cross-disciplinary.

And when it comes to programming in everyday work, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Analyze problems, search for literature, competing products test, simulate, do lines, wiring, find machines, find screwdrivers, lift machines, lift motors, touch motors, listen to motors, and no one can be less.

Speaking of reasoning, what appears in my mind is "why?It’s wrong, why is this?” I often after completing some of the new code and began to test happily, then fell into meditation, and could not extricate himself for a long time. At this point, the Conan mode is turned on to find every code related to the problem. Every time, when I look at the colorful letters on the screen, the brain runs at high speed, then runs at low speed, and finally broken.

If the problem is not found, there is no higher priority in the life than finding a problem. The friend calls for dinner, does not go, when I want to go to the bathroom, squatting, thinking about things that were not done when the college entrance examination sprinted. I think this kind of behavior is probably a kind of obsession.

Although the process of solving the problem is very difficult, the sense of accomplishment after finding the problem can really bring great pleasure to the body and mind. To describe it in one word, it is contentment, which is probably the best description of the scene at the time.

When it comes to business trips, as a new software engineer, the ideal business trip means freedom and travel. How tempting it is. The chance of a business trip is really hard to come by. I first learned that I was going on a business trip. The heart is infinitely excited and prosperous. Taking advantage of the freedom and the fresh things, you will feel the delicacies and customs of the localities after work. However, cockroaches are often embarrassing, what kind of customs, delicious food, in the face of reasoning, there is no priority at all.

The business trip in the real world is terrible. It is said that software engineers generally do not travel, but a business trip is to solve difficult problems, which probably means the final explanation and back pot. I have the privilege of doing several business trips. I feel that every trip is like an examination room. The client is an examiner. In the face of difficult problems, it is like solving the last big question of the college entrance examination. There is no clue until the examiner came over and received the paper, I still refused to give up. In the end, I could only walk out of the examination room with regret. He returned to the house and began to swim in the ocean of the whole device and machine, and continued to prepare for the next day's examination.

High-intensity work pressure coupled with a relatively unoptimistic business environment makes people miss the life of the office. However, as a software engineer, the core operator of a machine must take up the necessary responsibilities, brainstorm ideas, discuss problems, negotiate solutions, and deliver satisfactory answers to customers.

Although every work that is told seems to be full of slots, when you go through everything in depth, you will discover the huge details of a simple thing. Touching the motor is the ultimate perception of electromechanical rigidity; listening to the motor is the most direct consideration of current control. Every exploration is a learning, and each problem can be solved with great satisfaction. Although it is inevitable to think about retreating when encountering problems, it is absolutely impossible to really give up. It is an intrinsic property of every software engineer and even all engineers of VEICHI. How hard is this job, how much we love.

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